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The most popular dating app in the world has given MANY FUNNY MEMES. Tinder came out all the way back in 2012 and the meme has been coming on since. It is based on the profile swipe feature and it only allows you to connect with people you have matched with. The best things about the tinder memes are most of them are actually real life scenarios. Funny conversations, bad date stories, and 100 other hilarious things happen on tinder in real life on a daily basis, these are then posted on the internet and which in turn become memes.


Almost every college student has a tinder account. Not only the young lads but single dads and moms, etc too. It is perfect for match ups and is also very safe. Plus it has nice features. These things make the app famous. As more and more tinder memes spreaded, more and people started using it. The memes not only made tinder a romantic app but also a fun app. Some memes got so famous that, the official account of tinder posted it on their intsagram. So memes also acted as a marketing promotion strategy for tinder. The funny pick up lines involved in the memes became a part of the “tinder culture” at one point, so many people on tinder used those lines as a joke in reference to the meme and sometimes it worked!



  • When you meet up with your tinder date : Ah, I see you are a man as well.
  • Tinder notification : Somebody likes you, open up to see who it is. Me saying hawkeye’s famous dialogue : don’t do that, don’t give me hope.
  • Why do people upload group photos in tinder profile, how am I supposed to know which one is you?!
  • If I only swipe attractive people and the attractive people wipe attractive people, then what will happen to me?!
  • When you realize both pokemon go and tinder are apps to help you find monsters in your area.
  • Checks bank account and increases tinder age to 55+
  • Not sure if I’m just ugly or tinder is broken.
  • Me : I’m not that desperate

Also me : Increases range on tinder to 200kms.

  • When no one matches with you : I should just wear a sign that says too ugly to live.

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