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Cat In The Hat Meme

The cat in the hat meme’s origin is actually from the year 1957. This meme is actually from a book. It’s a simple story for children about a cat who befriends two children and his companions. Later in 2003, a film was also made, based on this very book. The famous actor Myke Myers stars in the film. The book was good but the movie received bad ratings, and a low score on imdb and rotten tomatoes. Since this book is old, the new generation came to know about the book from the meme. This is a template where a happy kid is sitting & the hat with character comes and tries to smash him a baseball bat from behind.


Since the movie got a low score and rating and was not very popular, people did not know about the origin of the meme template. The book came in 1957 so a very few people knew about this. Despite of all this, the meme actually got many entries on the web. A page named cat in the hat was added to the website of Dr. Seuss. Later in the October of 2012, a facebook page named cat in the hat was also made which got over 92 thousand likes with in 6 months. Later, a page for this meme was also created on the TV Tropes website. The nostalgia critic also mentioned this film and it gained a whooping 2.5 million views and around 9k comments in the next four years.

Cat In The Hat Meme


  • Me when I finally get good grades.

*History teacher dressed as cat with hat smashing me with final exams*

  • Me when I am young and have found my identity and personality

*My gender dressed as cat with hat smashing me with a baseball bat*

  • Me when I am finally depression free

*my crush as cat with hat character smashing me with “you’re ugly”

  • Me when I finally get my pocket money

*cat with hat character is : ps5 rates increase due to inflation*

  • Me when I finally decide to go out and have fun

*cat with hat character is : it’s Raining outside*

  • Me when I finally buy a new laptop to study

*cat with hat character is : 8GB ram hangs when chrome is opened*

  • Me when I hit the gym and try to be regular

*cat with hat character is : muscle pain for 3 days*

  • Me finally getting good looks as puberty hits me

*cat with hat character is : hairfall*

  • Me when I try to eat healthy diet

*cat with hat character is : 20% off on KFC*


Despite having a lot of problems or facing tough times we choose to smile everyday. We see memes and sometimes smile, sometimes just chuckle or straight up burst into laughter. The good thing is it’s always gives out happy vibes, no matter what. Even if you smile just a little through out your day, even if memes are making you forget about your issues and making you go “hehe” even if for just five seconds, it is making a positive impact in your life. They can enhance our mood and change our spirits. They are the greatest gift of our new and digital world.

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