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Brazil Meme

The Brazil meme which is also known as “you’re going to brazil” is a very popular meme template which makes fun of the country – brazil. It is actually a type of catchphrase and is not that old, in fact in came out just after 2020. This meme conveys the feeling that a person is being taken to brazil without his or her consent and will. The meme gained popularity in June 2020. It is a series of GIFs where a person is usually falling into a pit with the caption “You’re going to brazil” or “No aah I  don’t wanna go to brazil.”


This GIF and meme template gained a lot of popularity in 2020. At first it began to spread like fire in the iFunny website at the start of 2020. Then later in June, it became very popular in Reddit and Twitter. When the same Gifs were posted on instagram, it became even more popular. It got over 90 thousand views in just less than two weeks. This spread pretty fast to Discord and other communities. At one point, the meme became so influential that the same meme was posted with the name of other countries like Romania and Turkey. Brazilian people were themselves posting this meme because they also found it quite hilarious.

Brazil Meme


  • A man falling down a pit with the caption “POV:You are going to Brazil”
  • A man tied in a wrecked ship in the sea with caption “POV:You are going to Brazil”
  • A GIF of a man being tied on a bike’s seat and getting dragged through the floor with caption “POV: I am taking you to Brazil”
  • A GIF of a crane picking up your car with you inside with caption “You are going to Brazil”
  • A video of man hijacking a plane and making everyone jump with caption “You are going to Brazil with me”
  • A video of a woman dragged into darkness by an entity with caption “Enough. To Brazil with you.”
  • Me when I skip one day of school to hangout with friends

        Mom : Thats it you’re going to brazil.

  • A video of a man running faster than a train with caption “NO I AM NOT GOING TO BRAZIL”
  • When you are dragged to the awful country known as brazil because the brazilians found out you are 0.5 % brazilian.
  • BAD ENDING : The whole world has now turned into brazil!

Note To Must Read

Sharing memes are slowly becoming an important aspect of our lives. Social media or Internet without memes would be as empty as a fish tank without fishes. Memes started off as just a time pass, true. But looking at today’s timeline, memes have become so mainstream and popular. Laughing from the bottom of our heart is the one instant and free solution that can help us fight depression / anxiety and make us relaxed. We all have our problems, different people, different problems. We are all fighting our own demons inside. Watching memes, getting happiness from sharing memes allows us to lighten up our mood and elevate our dopamine levels. Memes have the capacity to serve mental problems.

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