The Eroticism Of A Seated Woman Seen From Different Photographers

The relationship between photographer and model is one of the most delicate balances that can exist. Photographers tend to want natural, organic images, where the models feel comfortable and the images turn out to be a fluid, almost effortless work. However, achieving a relaxed nude photo is not always an easy job, but when it is achieved, incredible results can be achieved.

The thing is, you don’t need a fancy studio, lots of lights, or a state-of-the-art camera to achieve an image that captures attention and memory for its sensuality. The atmosphere is almost a combination of elements of alchemy: personality, compatibility, place… this week, we have made a compilation of some of those simple but erotic images, in which the photographer only needed a good moment and a chair to show that You don’t have to show everything to have a sexy photo.

1. Eric T. White

Eric T. White has worked for publications like The New York Times, Evening Standard or brands like Nike, but from time to time he does independent projects. This was the case with model Paige Elkington. For White, a good photo is one that captures a moment, “and a good moment is one that makes you question things or think about much bigger things.

2. Yulia Gorodinsky

This Belarusian photographer has been doing self-portrait sessions for about 5 years, turning the selfie into a more complex creature. She thought she was not a fan of taking pictures of herself. it’s always a different experiment for her. At first, she only thought about taking good photos in interesting places. But little by little, she realized that she was also capturing her emotions. “Like any work of art, it began as a laugh and ended with a meaning.”

3. Jaume de Laiguana

For Spanish model Minerva, being with a photographer she trusts can always result in a better shoot. The image of Jaume de Laiguana emerged after the two collaborated on a campaign for an underwear brand. “We got to play,” she says, proving that a nude isn’t necessarily planned.

4. Arthur Elgort

New Yorker Arthur Elgort managed to capture famous model Gia Carangi in her prime during the 1980s, before she fell victim to HIV and died before she was 30. Elgort says the agency asked him to clean up the photo before publishing it. “They called me to clean the dirt off her, but I didn’t see anything wrong with her: I thought she was beautiful.”

5. David Paul Larson

Larson has worked with people like Mark Seliger or brands like Calvin Klein, and in this image, he suggests more of the model than he shows, but in the background there are images that give the photo a sensual twist. “If this photo were a song, it would be Portishead’s Glory Box.”

6. Stephane Moreau

For this Frenchman, the best images come from inhabited, busy places, full of life. In the photo we see is Margot, one of her best friends and colleagues, who usually sits with her back facing forward while she eats. “I often photograph her because she is a friend of hers and because she is the type of girl that I like, girls who do not need to be photographed to know that they are beautiful. She knows it, and that confidence attracts me a lot.”

7. John Stoddart

Celebrated photographer John Stoddart had the opportunity to photograph Liz Hurley, one of the most beautiful models of the last two decades, in the year 1990, when she was at the height of her career. However, this image did not come to light until recently, when it was discovered at auction. The original photo sold for about $6,000, and we’re sure the buyer is convinced it was worth every penny.

8. Benjamin Askinas

This Los Angeles-based photographer has a large portfolio dedicated to the female figure in almost everyday moments, as this image shows us, in which the colors of a colorful towel that can be found in any closet become the final focus of the arc of a bare back and makes us wonder how this story continued.

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