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Fat People Memes

Memes on Fat people are always funny as hell because…well, they are fat. It’s not funny to fat shame anyone but memes are harmless and just jokes, not to be taken in offense or personally. With this said, Fat people memes are the memes which are made in context with people who are very obese. These memes are so hilarious because the expressions of the fat people in these memes are so funny. These memes usually contain clever jokes on people who are huge and fat. It criticizes fat people for being overweight in a humorous way.


Many Fat people are sensitive and afraid about the weight of their body and have a hard time accepting that they are fat. But memes have turned the tables, they sometimes make fat people laugh by looking at fat people memes itself and they realize that it’s a light hearted funny situation and is not to be taken seriously. Memes have made fat people gained confidence. In fact, many of the fat memes are made by overweight people themselves, this is a way for them to accept the reality and not be sensitive about their physical appearance, but rather be confident and have a better personality indeed. Fat people memes spread rapidly because the content and images in them always looks funny to the eyes. Instagram and Reddit, also Facebook has their own pages for fat people memes, with many subscribers and followers. It doesn’t matter if you are fat or not, what matters is you will love this list of best fat people memes below.

Fat People Memes


  • Fat people be like : Hello mcDonalds, I am missing 3 fires, I want to speak to your manager.
  • Life is exactly like a box of chocolates, it doesn’t last much for fat people.
  • When you are so fat that they nick name you as – 2 CHINZ.
  • Fat people eating 30 burgers a week and ask – why do I have a heart disease.
  • When you realise that you aren’t fat, it’s just that your skin is more soggy.
  • When you see that Fat people complain about the quality of fast food.
  • They see me rolling, I ate them.
  • 453 lb man arrested for hiding weed in his rolls of fat.
  • You’re just fat, don’t sugarcoat it other wise you will eat the sugar too.


Since covid, people have been facing toughest times of their lives. Some people lost someone important, some people lost themselves. Even now, some people 2 years later are still stressed and are living with anxiety. Not just stressed from the pandemic but their own personal problems. Memes can act as an escape to all your issues. It is true that memes cannot replace professional therapy, they can act as a source of your happiness and laughter. Due to various problems, people forget to smile, forget to live a little. Memes allow us to do that. They are our true friends in need.

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