Do You Know this about YouTube Music?

If you’re an avid music lover, you must look into YouTube Music. The music streaming service was launched in the year 2018, which makes it an extremely new addition to the world of Google. It’s important to note that the service is focused on all kinds of music, from official albums to music to personal playlists, remixes, and live unplugged performances.

If you’d like to learn more details regarding YouTube Music, here are the tips provided by SoNuker in the below-given article:

1. Close competitor to Spotify

YouTube Music and Spotify are both music streaming mobile applications. They are both available in premium and free versions. Advertisements back this version for free. Premium versions provide continuous listening, download of playlists, and background listening.

2. The focus is on discovering features

Similar to other streaming music applications, YouTube Music puts a large amount of focus on its discovery functions. The catalog of music available on YouTube Music is quite extensive. Search for anything, and you’ll discover it. Home screen displays are highly dynamic, meaning that it’s constantly changing regardless of whether you’re using the application or not. It will suggest music based on your preferences and location; however, it’s also interestingly local-sensitive and can suggest music based on the activities you’re doing.

3. Videos are a popular feature, too.

It’s not surprising that Google has offered YouTube Music a touch of the video-focused YouTube platform. No matter if you’re using a mobile application and a web browser, you’ll see that the videos are a major aspect of YouTube Music. If you choose a specific song in the app, you’ll be presented with an option to hear the track or play the video. You’ll get a video-centric user experience like YouTube if you access the platform via the browser.

4. Google Play Music users can receive YouTube Music for absolutely nothing

Are you a subscriber to Google Play Music? You can register for YouTube Music, which is free! It’s unclear why, but users speculate that the two platforms will merge. You’ll have a seamless experience listening through YouTube Music.

5. There are various price levels

YouTube Music is available in an ad-supported format. Even though it’s free, this app doesn’t permit users to play tracks in the background. To get around this limitation, you must become an upgraded user by selecting one of three options:

  • Student: $4.99
  • Standard: $9.99
  • Family: $14.99

If you opt for the Premium Edition, you’ll get an array of features that include offline listening, ad-free listening, as well as background listening. It is also possible to check out the trial options in case you are a brand new user.

6. You’ll be enthralled by the layout

Not least, you should talk about the experience offered by the Music app. YouTube Music has a smooth and gorgeous mobile app. It’s easy and simple to use. Each screen is customized to the requirements of a knowledgeable music lover. The home screen displays your individual preferences, something that the app will ask for when you start the application the first time you download it. The design makes finding the most recommended songs and playlists are much easier.


The following are a few features of YouTube Music you must be aware of. The greatest benefit is that it has all the tracks available on YouTube and is the perfect platform that can meet your every need. Explore it and try the full range of features on offer.

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