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Okay Lets Go Meme

“Okay let’s go” is what I say to myself whenever I am late for my physics class or missing my train. This trends was one the most widespread and funniest trends on Tik Tok.  The video of “Okayy let’s go” features a young teenager saying this in a quirky manner. This video is actually from a Dutch TV show which is known as “Man Bjit Hond”. This TV show features people with very specific hobbies. In this particular episode, the young boy’s hobby is to announce things from his microphone. There’s something about his voice or the way he says it, which makes it very funny.


This meme is so wholesome. There is something about the way this boys speaks those words or how the man in the video and the boy both just sit and stare at the model of the funfair with full enthusiasm. Many people were shocked to find out that the man in the video is the TV show’s host and not his father, but the fact that this still remains wholesome deserves an applaud. Many people criticized this video saying that it was cringe but later when it literally became a huge tiktok trend, people started sharing it and embracing it. The “let’s go” hashtag still exists on tiktok and already has over 7.5 billion views on tiktok. Also, the viral audio has been used in over 12 thousand tiktok videos. The video of this meme on Youtube has 18M views.

Okay Lets Go Meme


  • Taylor Swift after 5 days of not recording or releasing anything – “okay let’s go”
  • People on the airplane after the seat belt sign is off – “okay let’s go”
  • Pilot after starting the airplane engine – “okay let’s go”
  • Me tracking my food delivery guy on the app and getting excited when he’s here – “okay let’s go”
  • Me being scared of roller coaster rides but still getting on them – “okay let’s go”
  • The DJ just before starting the music in a huge concert – “okay let’s go”
  • Me knowing fully well that I will fail today’s test but still carrying 3 pencils – “okay let’s go”
  • My dog when he sees me prepping his collar and wearing my shoes for the evening walk – “okay let’s go”
  • The thief when he sees I have slept while listening to music and the music is still playing – “okay let’s go”
  • My mom when she hears me talking back to my elders 254 miles away – “okay let’s go”
  • 5 year old me getting ready to go to my own birthday party dressed as if I’m going to the oscars – “okay let’s go”


Memes have been silently acting as the backbone of our mental health by providing us our own laughter zone and comfort. As we grow older, we tend to live life more seriously and forget to live freely. Memes remind us of our good times share happy vibes. Whatever problematic situations may happen in life, we have a meme for every situation which can make dealing with it a lot easier. The more a meme goes viral, the more positivity it spreads.

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