Happiness Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

happiness nails

Happiness Nails: Points To Have

Happiness is the one emotion we all try to strive for in our lives. nails, like every other emotion, is important in our life, or rather, it is the most important in our life. A lot of different things can make someone happy, be it achieving a goal they had been working hard towards for quite a long time, eating a food item that tastes amazing, travelling to a dream location and many more. It is a famous saying that money cannot buy happiness, and though there is some truth to it as money cannot buy you the emotion of happiness, it can buy you things that make you happy. Having your bills paid, your daily necessities met, having food on your plate, shelter above your head – these are the things that money can help you buy and these are the things that have the capability of making you happy.

Happiness Nails: Creative Look

Considering how happiness is an emotion we all look towards feeling in our day to day life, there are things out there that can easily evoke happiness. One of those ways is getting a new set of nails from your favourite nail salon. If you are looking for a cute new design that will also be unique, and you have a special place in your heart for the smiling emoji, take a look at these super cute designs for inspiration for your next manicure:

happiness nails

Notes To Have

  • Let us start off with something super simple, something that you won’t even need to go to a nail salon for – a multi-colored pastel manicure. These best kind of nail paints to go for for any manicure is gel nail paint, as it imparts beautiful colour and does not damage the nail bed. Grab your favourite pastel shades like blue, green, lavender, yellow, pink and any other shade you like, and get painting those nails! Super simple and also a perfect thing to brighten up your attire.
  • If you like a colour yellow and want something that looks directly inspired from the yellow smiling emoji, then there’s no better nail art than the one we are showing you right now. This simple yet super bright nail art is something you can get from a nail salon, provided you have specific ideas in mind about the nail length and shape, or it is something you can do at home also with some simple additional tools, like a thin nail brush and a dotting tool. Add a good coat of any glossy top coat of your preference and you are good to go.
  • Paper boats are something that a lot of people made as kids, especially on rainy days when small puddles of water would form in the streets and we would put those boats on the puddles and play. Another nostalgic memory involving paper was paper Planes. These simple little pieces of happiness give us the biggest, most joyful memories and when we grow up, we think back to these days with fondness. So, to revisit your childhood, you can do for this beautiful nail design, perfect for nurturing your inner child.

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