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alienware 17in laptop

The Alienware M17x has been updated for 2011 with a new processor, a new look, and other cutting-edge technologies that create an out-of-this-world experience. As far as gaming notebooks go, there aren’t many occasions when we wish we could increase the settings even more to make a game look better, but that is the case with the M17x. We put the M17x through its paces with today’s top games, such as Call of Duty Black Ops, and found ourselves with plenty of power to spare. While it didn’t help our gaming skills, being killed in Call of Duty has never looked so good.Alienware 17in Laptop is indeed famous.


Inside the sleek black exterior is a powerful Intel Core i7 2.2GHz Sandy Bridge quad core processor, 8GB RAM, and 1.35TB of RAID0 storage. In terms of graphics, our unit was outfitted with an AMD Radeon HD 6970M GPU and 1GB of RAM. The notebook has a Blu-Ray drive and a 17-inch display with 1080P resolution, allowing you to play full-HD games. For additional wireless display options, the notebook includes Intel Wireless Display and WirelessHD.Lienware 17in laptop.

Build and Design

The Alienware M17x maintains the same distinct appearance as before, with defined edges and a very strong appearance. The M17x appears more refined this time around. There are still plenty of lights and vents, but the finish feels a little better in your hands, and the notebook is a little trimmer, perhaps as svelte as a 17′′ gaming notebook can be. The M17x feels solid in your hands, and not just because it’s a big notebook. The hinges are strong, and the overall build quality is excellent. You’ll either love or despise the design. The defined edges and corners are what you’d expect from an Alienware machine, and they complement the vent lights and backlit keyboard nicely.Alienware m17x.

Processor and Performance

There isn’t much to say about the performance of the Alienware M17x. The quad-core Core i7 processor and Radeon HD 6970 GPU work well together. Unlike some powerful combinations, the M17x handles everyday tasks just as well as power-intensive gaming and movie-creation tasks. As you’ll see below, the M17x is ideal for gamers, but it’s also suitable for end users who require portable processing power. I was not disappointed after running Adobe CS 5.5 on the unit. Sony Vegas Movie Studio also completed several video projects quickly.Ienware 17in laptop.

Multimedia and Gaming

The M17x is the first gaming laptop I’ve used where I had to turn all of the settings up before starting a game. On high settings, games ranging from Portal 2 to Call of Duty Black Ops and Just Cause 2 performed admirably. The details appeared sharp, and there was no lag while playing. Unfortunately, this does not make me a better gamer, but getting killed in Call of Duty has never looked so good. The M17x will get you there if you want to play the latest games without worrying about your settings or slowing down. Simply enable Wireless HD if you require a larger screen for gaming. This optional upgrade allows you to play games on a wireless external display without lag. You can see a demonstration of the WirelessHD system and adapter in action in the video below. You can watch movies or TV on the M17x using either the built-in display or the Wireless HDMI setup shown above. This was a great way to get around Hulu Plus’s restrictions on which shows you could watch on your Xbox 360 or mobile device.

Battery Life

Obviously, the Alienware M17x consumes a lot of power, but the ability to switch to the integrated Intel GPU results in some decent on-the-go battery life. The M17x lasted four hours and eleven minutes when tested with the Laptop Magazine Battery Testing tool, which simulates web browsing. Gaming and watching videos will deplete this, but if you need battery-powered web browsing, you can get through half a day. Given the poor battery life of previous single GPU systems, this is quite impressive.


The Alienware M17x delivers unrivalled power and eye-catching design. You won’t be left wanting for more power while gaming, and the ability to connect to Facebook and surf the web for four hours while on the go is a nice bonus. The upgrade to a 1080P HD screen and the ability to game and entertain on the big screen with Wireless HD round out the experience. WiHD is an expensive add-on, but it was essential to my enjoyment of this powerful gaming notebook.

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