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Life is nothing without entertainment and we believe that everyone will agree on this point. But where did this entertainment come from? Entertainment has many mediums that fulfill our lives with happiness and curiosity. One mode of entertainment is movies or TV shows. To get this flavors of enjoyment in our life 4movierulz is the solution.

Introduction of 4movierulz

4movierulz is a digital platform where you can watch various kinds of movies and Television shows for free. It has flavour of all cinema. It has Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood masala for their audience. To watch movies for free, just go to the official website of movierulz, search your mood and enjoy latest movies and drama.

4movierulz plz is a world where you can experience entertainment, fun, drama, action and more for free. To experience high resolution video and movies, It is an amazing choice to explore and enjoy. In the era where everything is going digital, This platform is taking an advantage and gaining audience. Piracy is an illegal act in India but somehow, we are only responsible in supporting unethical act, unintentionally. 

What is 4movierulz?

4movierulz is a website where you can watch latest movies with no subscription fee charges. It telecasts in various languages like English, Hindi, Telegu Kannada and more. It is a piracy website and according to the law of Indian government, downloading and watching movies through this kind of website is illegal and punishable. Their website is well established and designed, front surface provides a friendly experience.

How to Download movies from 4movierulz?

You can visit the official site of 4movierulz plz by click on this link:- https://www.4movierulz.co.in/.

Features of 4movierulz

  • Audience can get easy access to dubbed version of movies and enjoy versatility.
  • It is a third party website which telecasts all the movies for free.
  • 4movierulz 2023 has flavours of Hollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood.
  • It is a pirated website and as an Indian, if you downloaded movies from such websites, it is illegal.
  • Privacy is not the biggest concern here, as illegal, it’s not safe to share your personal data during sign in.
  • High streaming website with smooth interface.
  • Includes format like CamRip, DVDScr, HDRip, Bluray, Mp4, resolution from 360P to 1080P.
  • Has huge database and serves varieties of cinema.
  • User friendly technology system is used for smooth accessibility and enjoyment.

Alternatives to 4movierulz

Competition is what pushes you to do better for your audience. Some of the competing websites to 4movierulz plz are:

  • erosnow.com
  • ibomma
  • myfilmtime.com,
  • Pikashow
  • The pirate Bay
  • 1337x
  • YTS
  • EZTV and many more.

Movierulz has various versions like 2movierulz, 3movierulz, 7movierulz and others.

Pros and Cons of 4movierulz plz


  • Watch movies and drama for free.
  • No subscription is required for entertainment.
  • It has dubbed movies, dual language preference and versatility.
  • It is not limited to movies only, it also uploaded web series of larger files for the audience.
  • It Offer various subtitles and clear audio experience.
  • 4movierule runs Google advertisement on their website which boosts sales of the advertised brand. 


  • It is a pirated website.
  • It is illegal option for entertainment, as of Indian government watching and downloading from this website is punishable and unacceptable.
  • It does not priorities privacy of their audience.
  • Cybersecurity is a major concern as they have no preservatives.
  • One of the major drawback of this pirated websites are loss to the producers who work hard and make movies.
  • Income of the movie get affected directly as audience get diverted by this websites.

Categories available on Movierulz 2023

As per official website of it has approximately all the movies available from year 2004 to ongoing year 2023. Website claim that they have plenty of categories for the viewers to watch and it includes; Action, Drama, Adult, Adventure, Horror, Music, Mystery, News, Thriller, Talk show, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Romantic, Sport, Social, Teen, Dark, Crime, Documentary, History, Game- show, Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Erotic, Biography, War, Western, Animation and more to get entertain.

How do 4movierulz plz earn revenue?

As movierulz is a website which offer all kinds of entertainment and drama for free then how do they earn revenue or are able to process this all. Movierulz and similar other websites runs Google Ads. On their website and earn money. As they are illegal website they don’t have any other alternatives to enjoy income. As many advertisement they run of their portal in that multiple they earn. Infact being illegal website people support 4movierulz’s for the purpose of enjoyment.

Impact of 4movierulz 2023 website on Indian Cinema

It destroys the Market size of the Indian Cinema. If audience are accessible to watch the movie for free then why do they’ll go to the theatre and pay for it. It cause the on the pocket of producers who have spent their lump sum amount on actors, promotions and movie set. We have seen on media also that actors request such pirated website creators to not to do so. Everyone is different and has variable opinions about this. This pirated version are also called crack version of original websites which extract extra data as compared to paid and legal version.

Disclaimer:- Ethics are something we do follow to the core. Hence, it is our duty to tell that we are not promoting 4movierulz website. Even the content is written to provide viewers understanding about what a website and if it is good or bad for them. Our aim is to gives best-in-class info to make safer internet for all.


4movierulz has many positive features that is attracting audience to their website despite being unauthorised accessibility. As of Indian law and by prioritising privacy concern we should avoid sharing our private data on the pirated websites. Also, to respect our cinema and our moral ethics, we should watch movies on legal OTT platforms like Netflix, Hot star, Amazon Prime, Sony LIV and more. It is an illegal and unsecured website, audience must be careful with their actions. It’s official website itself mentioned that they are third party applicant and by accepting their terms and conditions we allow them to generate cookies in our device which might be unhealthy for the device.


1. List of entertainment on 4movierulz plz?

Hollywood – Bollywood – Telugu – Malayalam – Dubbed version – High resolution – Entertainment for free.

2. Is it safe to watch movies on movierulz?

It is accessible for free, but it is a pirated website which means illegal and unauthorised. So, it is not the right option to get entertainment as it may cause data insecurity and may slow down the electronic device.

3. Is there any alternative to movierulz?

There are many alternatives to such pirated websites like: erosnow.com, 1ibomma, myfilmtime.com, Pikashow, The pirate Bay, 1337x, YTS, EZTV  and more.

4. How do movierulz earn revenue?

As they have no other choice to earn income they run Google Advertisement on their website and earn real cash to manage all this.

5. What is the accessible feature of 4movierulz 2023?

It is part of torrent sites. It is hosted from one place and it’s reachable to worldwide internet network. The host place is not disclosed by them. 4-movierulz leaks the movie online on their website which directly alter the rate of real cinema.

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