Streaming TV Shows Online vs Traditional TV Experience: Which Is Better?

In the first eight months of 2022, Australians streamed 24 billion minutes of quality premium online video, proving that online viewing is an essential part of the Australian cultural fabric. But still, the constant push and pull about cable TV vs online has kept many views away from online. There is even a fear of expenses regarding online streaming. But there are ways to stream TV shows online for free in Australia. It will give you the best viewing experience without killing your wallet.

Why Streaming TV Shows Online Is More Fun Than Traditional TV

Some people like to stay stuck in the nostalgia of the past, but practicality works differently. Online has opened up a Santa’s basket to discover. So, if you don’t watch TV online, you are missing out on a lot. As such, here are a few of the advantages you get when you switch to the online viewing experience:

TV Guide

Traditional television experience can be very tiresome because of its conventional approach. You can’t see something you have missed out, and all cables don’t have the option to show you what will play later on. But there are websites where you can stream your favourite shows online without these boundaries, and it just makes the experience more flawless. The TV guide also introduces you to content you probably would not have found in a Cable TV viewing experience.

On-Demand Viewing Experience

One of the best parts of these apps is they open up a new viewing experience that is curated for you. Here, you are in Australia, but you might have a craving to see a Norwegian drama. So, most of these apps have the option of an on-demand viewing experience. It will charge you a few bucks but fulfil your craving, which traditional TV can’t do. Traditional TV not only restricts your viewing experience but also puts you in a cocoon of ignorance where you have no idea about what is out there to discover. And in this online era, staying in the cocoon is the last thing you need.

Browsing Experience vs Cable TV

Cable TV is more of a moody man who works in his way. From weather to technical difficulties to the whims of the cable owner, anything can jeopardise the watching experience anytime. But online streaming rarely has these possibilities because of the universal availability of the internet connection. Also, browsing not only counts as an immersive experience but also suggests great shows you would have never considered watching on cable TV.

Out-of-the-Box Experience

Cable TV doesn’t allow the option of language changes or subtitles all the time. As a result, you might miss a great show you are eager to watch. But many apps and websites in Australia will serve content according to your need on a platter. From subtitles to dub versions, you can have it all and broaden your viewing experience. 

TV cables don’t let you enjoy the fun of binge-watching. But online, you can watch your favourite sitcoms in one sitting with a tub of ice cream and coke. There is nothing better than a combination of comfort food and comfort shows.

According to a survey report in 2021, 87% of the respondents use at least one kind of active video streaming subscription that costs them big bucks. But there are apps and websites to stream TV shows online for free in Australia. So, you just have to browse online and see the best options that will serve you well. Therefore, go online with safe pockets and diverse options.

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