Cutting Cable Doesn’t Always Save You Money

Cutting your cable TV connection is widely considered the easiest of all methods for saving your money every month. Today we have seen an incredible increase in subscribers who have either quitted or are planning to leave their cable TV solutions such as Select TV. The common thought process behind this transition is that you can get the same or even reach for your favorite content by subscribing to a streaming service. 

Unfortunately, this is just a myth or we must say illusion that has captured the attention of masses across the landscape of the country. That’s the reason majority of cable TV users have switched to streaming services without even calculating the cost they are paying after taking this initiative. 

The fun fact is we have limited choices with these options but still feel pleasure and comfort in cutting our cable TV connection and replacing it with other means of entertainment. If you are from a similar think tank, you need to re-evaluate your decision now. Why? If you want to get the answer to this “why” you better read this blog thoroughly. 

Wondering what we are going to reveal in this blog? Of course, you must be so keep your curiosity intact and let’s join us for the journey to get the truth behind the scene. 

Why Join the Cord-Cutter Camp When You Can Get More with Your Cable TV Connection?

The common perception in the minds of Americans for streaming services is that it is the smart solution for accessing on-the-go TV that frees you from any contractual obligation and delivers an extended variety of features at a minimal cost. It is, however, the right perception to be very honest but still, there is a lot you need to focus on if you are interested to get the best of all. 

Cable TV providers including Spectrum Service and others have well-defined criteria to subscribe and unsubscribe from their cable TV services. But still, it does not provide you with a strong foundation to quit their services. Moreover, these providers allow you to access a variety of premium, national and local channels or networks coupled with a range of additional features under one cable TV plan. 

Awakening Fact 

It means you can access more with a single subscription which is however so far unattainable for streaming service subscribers. Moreover, in the case of streaming services, you need to subscribe to every network or channel individually to get access to a bunch of your favorite channels. Thus, you need to pay a significant amount if summed up for all your subscriptions. 

In such a situation the cheap options turn into comparatively expensive options with the least features and perks. Does it make sense to you to pay more for less entertainment in an un-realizing manner? Not really, then what is pushing you to cut your cable TV connection and move to stream services? Think as much as you can before taking any decision. 

We have added some pieces of evidence that will help you in understanding why cutting cable TV cords is not always worth it. So, let’s check them out!

Here’s why Cutting Cable TV Connection is Always the Right Choice 

We have discussed how streaming service providers have grabbed your attention and have captured the market share by influencing your mindset. It is time for you to get further clarity to learn why it is not always a winning situation to leave your cable TV for a streaming service. 

So let’s start exploring what we have brought for you here!

  • Unjust Trade-Off between Streaming Service and Cable TV Service

Leaving your cable TV connection will trigger contractual obligations and charge you a fee for early termination. We can understand that it can be a troubling thing for many of us to pay a termination fee, especially if we have to quit our connection only because of moving to another location. 

But still, there are solutions to handle such situations rather than quitting your cable TV connection. We would like to suggest you contact the customer support team of your provider before leaving its service. They will surely provide you with the best alternate option to prevent you from bearing termination fees or other charges. 

Various providers even offer some complimentary features and discount offers to their loyal customers. By taking the matter to them they will surely offer you some value-added solution at a discounted price. 

  • Watch a Broad Range of TV Channels and Networks by Paying a Single Fee 

Secondly, cable TV service providers offer you a variety of plans and packages. These offers allow you to access various entertaining channels and networks under a single monthly fee. On the other hand, the subscription fee a streaming service charges you is lower but allows you to watch only the content available on its channel. 

You must be thinking what’s new in it? 

Perplexing? Trust us, it is. The cheap monthly charges for streaming services may tempt you as price is an apparent competitive advantage over cable TV service. But have you ever wondered about the cumulative expense if you subscribe to roughly five streaming TV services? We can bet on it that you have never thought that way, isn’t it? 

Do it right away; the amount will stun you for sure. Undoubtedly the monthly fee on cable TV bills may seem huge when compared to streaming service charges but it allows you to get the perfect entertainment solution for the entire family. Therefore the single fee is way cheaper than the collective fee for subscribing to a couple of streaming services. 

  • You Need the Fastest Internet Speed Plan at Your Home 

Thirdly, the cable TV connection works without looking for an internet connection. You can simply access any cable service provider to get a connection at your office. Moreover, you can watch your favorite content as much as you want without worrying about internet speed. However, if we talk about streaming services, the scene is completely opposite.  

This cheap option requires you to subscribe to the fastest internet speed plan or offer that usually comes with higher price tags. It means saving from one side and spending extra on the other. Why? Because for a buffer-free and smooth streaming experience, you need to get additional internet speed and data so your internet can work perfectly. 

  • Freedom to Watch a Variety of Entertaining Content 

Lastly, with cable TV service you can watch a variety of entertaining content that meets the taste of watchers at your home. It is the easiest and cheapest means to get the perfect entertainment source for your family by providing them accessibility to almost all genres of entertainment. That’s the thing you will miss out on when you go for the streaming service option. 

In a Nutshell

Plenty of other reasons remained uncovered in this blog which you need to learn before making the final choice. If you want to learn more about how cable TV can help you in attaining maximum benefits, you need to check out the best deals in your town. Moreover, it is better to go through features, price tags, channel lists, and other aspects to filter out the perfect match for you. You can also use the BuyTVInternetPhone platform to carry out this practice. 

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