What Can You Do With a Storage Shed?

What’s the use of a dusty old shed in your plain boring backyard? With a little effort, you can spice up your exteriors and create a unique space. There are a lot of possibilities with a storage shed. You can create a place worth spending time in. A place that re-energises and inspires productivity. A place for you and your family. 

Secret Hideout

How would you like an empty, personal space just for yourself? A secret hideout you can escape to when the world becomes overbearing. Imagine safekeeping your peace of mind in a cosy shed with a rustic cottage look filled with your favourite books and relaxing music. You can turn any backyard shed into your hideout if you get a comfortable chair in and tidy up a bit. A little can go a long way. 


Gone are the days when kids would play in tree houses. Tree houses are dangerous, and you may not have the time to build them anymore. A much safer option is to turn your storage shed into a playhouse for your kids. If your kids share a room, this is an opportunity for some privacy and independent play. 


Don’t have kids? Use your shed as a place to be productive! Why not make it your spot for painting or working out? You can keep the smell of sweat away from your home, and a dedicated space for working out that isn’t too far, doesn’t require a membership and is right in front of you every day can get you off your feet.

Already have a gym you’re committed to? How about a home office? If your house is too noisy, building an office space outside can bring you some quiet and help you focus. 

Garden Storage

Of course, this is the most conventional use for storage sheds. Garden supplies are not the prettiest sight. Keep your tools stored away, so they don’t ruin the aesthetic of your gardens. 


Taking your garden storage up a notch, you can turn your storage shed into a greenhouse. Yes, this might be slightly more expensive, but it has more advantages in the long run that give you a good return on your investment. You can begin growing your herbs and eat your crops (ambitious, yes, but worth a try!). With a greenhouse, you also get an ICU for the plants in your garden that aren’t doing too well. And finally, you can protect your favourite saplings from harsh weather. 

Changing Room

This one’s a little unconventional, but your shed can double as a changing room if you have a pool. Yes, it will require some extra installations so you can have your before- and after-shower, but it’s such a unique idea that your friends will love it!

Guest Room

If none of these ideas seems enticing enough, you can always add a mattress, a cupboard and some towels to turn the shed into a guest room. If your friend’s entire family is visiting, you can offer the luxury of privacy as well as the convenience of free lodging close to you. 

Make the Exteriors Interesting

There are a lot of styles you can use to build the shed. Give it an old antique look with tasteful wood or a modern façade using solid neutral colours. A simple shed can increase property value if it’s pretty enough.

With the extra space of an outdoor shed, the endless possibilities give you much room to experiment. Never again will it feel crammed! 

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