4 Basic Factors to Consider When Buying a Toilet

While there are no two ways to the fact that options are the spice of life, too many options can only cause more problems instead of solving any. The previous statement becomes all the more true when it comes to consumer durables such as fittings, fixtures, and so on. Delving further into the fittings and fixtures, toilets have undergone radical advancements. But what do you seek from your toilet? Chances are you might want it to be neat, clean, and good-looking simultaneously.

Today, there are a plethora of options when you choose to buy Toto toilets. Advances in this field have opened up a broader spectrum of qualities attached to today’s toilets. While maintaining the older requirements, the newer generation of smart toilets comes with a range of different features that would put anyone in awe. From heated seat warmers and self-cleaning wands to pre-mist and deodorisers, these new-age techs come with various arrangements and modes to cater to specific purposes for everyday usage. But not many people would be aware of the factors to consider when looking to purchase them.

So for that reason, this article shall elaborate on a couple of key factors to consider when shopping for them.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Toilets

The Budget

A high-tech toilet may begin from around $5,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on the features, utilities and make. While most features remain the same in the toilets, the technology incorporated into the product and the additional features completely separate them. So, based on your budget, filter and narrow your options.


High-tech toilets come with various features attached to them. You can choose from basic toilets to advanced and luxurious toilets with multiple features such as remote controls, automatic-flush systems, dryers, built-in bidets, air fresheners, cleansing wands, seat heaters, and many more. But all of these choices come with price tags attached to them, so based on your budget, make an informed decision or work the budget around the features you’d like to have when you opt to buy Toto toilets.


You must keep in mind that when looking for high-tech toilets, you are not restricted in colour options. They come in various shades of colours ranging from white to ebony. You have a wide range of options, from Sedona white to cotton and bone white to colonial white. All you have to do is find a colour that matches the overall tone and ambience of the bathroom.


This is another crucial aspect when it comes to narrowing down your options: the ease of cleaning the toilet. Many high-tech toilets come with features that clean and keep the toilet hygienic. However, you would still have to intervene to keep them clean. So, look for features that can reduce your load, such as toilets with a protective glaze coating that prevents solid waste from gaining a foothold on the bowl of your toilet. This can go a long way in extending the life of your toilet and reducing your workload.

Summing Up

While there may be plenty of options to choose from when it comes to high-tech toilets, keeping the above factors in mind shall help you greatly to make an informed choice when you want to buy Toto toilets. While these factors could be sufficient for most people looking to buy these toilets, if there are other criteria you would like to consider, do feel free to add them to your list to help narrow down the options.

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