Bamboo viscose sheets are some of the most excellent bedding fabrics available. Their quality suits adults and kids alike. They last long, provide better comfort, and absorb heat better. Bamboo viscose sheets are also known as rayon sheets.

The bamboo viscose fabric is made from Bamboo grass. After harvest, the grass is processed into fiber and further into pulp. This pulp also goes through further processing, after which it is dried. The dried pulp is made into threads that are woven into sheets. While some bamboo sheets are blended, the pure bamboo viscose sheet is unrivaled on many levels.

Bamboo for the win

For starters, the primary raw material for bamboo viscose sheets is quite abundant in supply. The bamboo plant is the kind to sprout with little or no weeding, fumigating, or watering. Even with such an independent growth structure, it still yields up to ten times more than cotton in the harvest. Unlike the raw materials for other beddings, it does not involve the annual planting and harvesting process. Typically, bamboo grows by at least 36 inches in one day. Some species can even grow as tall as 4 feet in 24 hours.

As a finished product, the bamboo viscose sheet is far stronger than many other alternatives for bedding. The bamboo viscose sheet can last up to 20 years if properly maintained. This makes it about Three times more durable than other fabrics.

Even so, the bamboo viscose sheet is softer than most bed sheets. It validly rivals Egyptian cotton, which seems to be the recent sweetheart among bed sheet fabrics. The Bamboo viscose sheet is also hypo-allergenic, making it suitable for anyone regardless of their allergies or skin irritation triggers.

In fact, the bamboo viscose contains antimicrobial properties called Bamboo Kun. The bamboo Kun protects the fabric from bacteria on clothing, towels, and sheets. It keeps it clean and leaves it with a healthy smell at all times.

The bamboo viscose sheet also absorbs moisture well. Its absorption power beats even the finest organic cotton by at least 40%. This is why it comes in highly recommended for sweaty sleepers. With its moisture absorption abilities, it keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your sleep.

Protecting the mattress

Bamboo viscose fabrics can also be very suitable for mattress protectors. With its hypo-allergenic features, it makes some of the best mattress protectors. The best mattress protectors shield the bed from stains, bacteria, bugs as well as allergens. It also regulates the temperature of the mattress through its air-cell structure. This breathable feature keeps the mattress cool.

Bamboo viscose fabrics also have some of the best warranty policies for mattress protectors. It is designed to last longer than many other fabrics. As for specifics such as size and colors, they do not contribute to the rankings for best mattress protectors.  They are features that appeal to the various preferences of the users.

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