Lighting A Candle In Your Window For The Holidays

Christmas candles have been used for generations. Christmas candles in Australia are lit in windows throughout the globe as families put their gifts beneath the tree and tuck their children in for the night. The custom of lighting a candle and displaying it in one’s window during the holiday goes back to colonial times. Candle sales in Australia jumped by 105 per cent, while the whole home and fragrance category grew by 181 per cent. This custom originated among the Irish, whose Catholic religion was banned by British priests who sought to suppress the Irish people. The clergy so began secretly wandering the world and worshipping wherever they could. To signal that it was okay for a priest to arrive in the middle of the night, Irish Catholics started leaving their doors and windows unlocked and putting candles in the windows on Christmas Eve.

Some people may have forgotten the significance of candles, yet the tradition is still practised in homes worldwide. There is no universally agreed-upon meaning to the practice of burning candles in a window; some do it out of religious observance, while others do it out of a sense of recollection or family tradition, and still, others do it just because it looks pretty. Find out why people are lighting candles in their windows.

Honouring The Memory Of Departed Loved Ones

When someone in the family was gone or had passed away, a candle would be lit and put in the window as a symbol of love and remembrance. It was a sign that someone was still at home, waiting for the return of the missing individual and a secret prayer for their safety. An endearing custom, this practice aids in keeping loved ones in mind during the holiday commotion.

Inviting Strangers From Far Away

Historic homes on rural roads were known to have a candle blazing in the window to greet visitors and reassure tired travellers. Historically, lighting a candle for a guest was a way to offer goodwill and hospitality. Innkeepers have been known to use candlelight in the windows to attract guests and alert passing travellers to their availability. A candle burning in the window is a universal sign of hospitality swiftly extending to B&Bs, inns, and private residences worldwide.

Partial Phrase: Festive Candles

Possibly a window candle was used to announce the arrival of a new baby or the arrival of a blessing to the neighbourhood. The lighting of the candle was a gesture of thanks and joy.

The Religious Significance Of Christmas Candles

Candles glowing in the windows represent the many religious practices practised by members of many religions. When Christians light a candle, they symbolise the Star of Bethlehem that led the Magi to where Jesus was born. Jews have a custom of burning a candlestick in a window to mark the celebration of Chanukah, during which one jar of oil is burned for eight days. A menorah symbolises the Jewish people’s unwavering commitment to their religion in the window in modern times.

Concerning Candles And Fire Prevention

Safeguarding your house over the holidays is a top priority, and there are numerous reasons to exercise caution while putting a candle in a window. Carefully use a real flame away from combustibles, keep it out of the reach of children and pets, and never leave it unattended. Because you are in the 21st century, you can access electric candles that employ bulbs instead of flames. By using electric candles instead of ones with a naked flame, you can ensure the continued safety of your ritual.


Some households worldwide have kept the centuries-old custom of keeping Christmas candles in Australia burning in the window alive and healthy. The burning candle is still a symbol of hospitality to people in need, as was the custom for many years. It lets strangers know that the house is inhabited and ready to talk to them if they come knocking.

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