How Does a Whole Home Filtration System Work?

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Isn’t it nice to have clean and healthy water throughout our home? From washing raw ingredients, enjoying a post-workout shower or swimming in the pool, and washing our clothes and dishes, it would be great if our water source is safe from contaminants and chemicals. And how can we do that? Through the whole home water filtration system. 

The whole home filtration system is designed to decrease the chances of contaminants inhibiting every water source in your home. Do you really have to invest in this thing? If safety and a healthy lifestyle are what you prioritize, considering whole home water filtration can be a good deal. The system itself is tested to reduce contaminants in the water, improve the flavor and quality of your food and drinks, provide a healthier water source for your pets and animals, and reduce the risk of water-related diseases like diarrhea, amebiasis, or even skin irritation or infections. 

But how does a whole home filtration system work? There are various filtration methods used in the water industry. But you have to remember that there are different types of water filtration because it varies from home to home.

Purification Process

Numerous purification processes can be done when it comes to whole-home water filtration. Technologies used to purify our water sources should vary on what elements are present. Here are some of the purification process done in a whole home water filtration system:

·         Ion Exchange

·         Catalytic Conversion

·         Sediment Filtration

·         Carbon Adsorption

·         UV Sterilization

·         Oxidation-Reduction

These purification processes remove or reduce the presence of different elements, minerals, and substances in the water like ions, carbon, magnesium, chlorine, iron, and many more. For microbial contaminants, UV light systems can be a great help to remove the harmful pathogens from the tap and well water source. 

Setup Solutions

Every home has its own precise and appropriate whole home water filtration. This is because there is no exact water filtration system that can extract the contaminants in the water source. If you want a complete water filtration solution, you can install two whole home water filtration methods. These setups include the installation of whole home filters and water softeners. The whole home filter reduces contaminants while the water softeners treat the hardness of the water. These two setups consolidate to a whole house total solution. Not so bad, right?

RO Systems

How about the water we drink? What filtration process is being used? A reverse osmosis system or RO system is an ideal filtration system for drinking water. Since the water will be absorbed inside the human body, we must ensure its safety and suitability. The RO system delivers pure quality drinking water and is often complemented to whole house filters. The unfiltered contaminants will be removed through water pressure, making the water fresh since the salt substances will be left out.

Are you now ready to have your own whole home water filtration system? If that is a yes, then Charlotte Water Filtration will gladly want to be your service partner in this situation. Grab your phone and schedule your first appointment with us. Your safety and comfort are our company’s goal. Call us now!

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