Easy Stage 2 Performance Upgrades for a BMW

Are you a car enthusiast looking for the best ways to upgrade the performance of your BMW? As you seek BMW M performance parts, look for options that provide you with efficiency and power. By making these factors a priority, your car will be on track to perform at a high level.

When you strive for top-quality upgrades, you can customize your car to meet your exact needs. Today, we’ll discuss some easy Stage 2 performance upgrades that will help transform your car.

Air Intake System Upgrade

One of the best ways to enhance the performance of your BMW is to upgrade its air intake system. The engine bay of your car tends to heat up as you drive. With a cold air intake system, you can overcome these problems. These systems contain a pipe with an air filter at the end.

Air intake systems allow your engine to bring in more cool air. These processes enable it to run on a proper mixture of air and fuel. With these elements, your car will be able to breathe easier and run better.

As you upgrade your air intake system, you’ll want to make sure the original air intake doesn’t restrict the turbo. You may need to replace parts from the previous setup or swap them entirely for BMW M performance parts. Taking these steps will help you reduce air friction and provide your engine with more power.

With higher amounts of engine power, you can increase the speed potential of your BMW.

Exhaust Downpipe

The downpipe is the exhaust section that resides directly behind the turbo. Turbos are more efficient when there is a minimal restriction to airflow. Opening up this part can bring massive power gains for your BMW.

To provide the best upgrades for your exhaust downpipes, you’ll need to swap out the original catalytic converters. Here are two ways you can make this process happen:

De-cat Pipe

A de-cat replaces the original catalytic converter of your car with a straight-through pipe. The goal is to improve performance by removing the obstruction the cat creates to the flow of exhaust gasses. What this process does is it allows the fumes to flow straight out with no backpressure.

Sports Cat Pipe

The sports cat pipe does the same thing as a de-cat. One big difference between the two is that sports cats are high-quality and are more efficient. They ensure post-treatment exhaust in your car and reduce pollutant emissions.

Sports cats consist of metal honeycomb bodies that contain thin channels. They convert pollutants into non-toxic substances such as water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. While exhaust gasses flow through the sports cat, the coating on the sports cat carries out chemical conversion with oxidation. With this process, you’ll be able to reduce your car’s emissions.

As you seek to upgrade your exhaust downpipe, check the legalities of de-cat or sports cat pipes in your state. By taking this precaution, you’ll be on track to enhance your car’s performance while being street legal.


You can also increase your performance by adding an intercooler to your BMW. Intercoolers are air-to-air radiators that cool down the air from the turbo before it enters the engine.

Below are two benefits you’ll stand to gain with an intercooler:

Higher Amounts Of Power

With the cool air intercoolers produce, your car will gain denser oxygen. As your BMW gains these elements, its engine will gain more capacity to burn more fuel. What this process does is it allows your car to produce more power. With more power comes a more improved on-track performance for your BMW.

Temperature Control For Your Car

Intercoolers can also prevent your engine from heating up when air squeezes through the turbo. Your engine power varies in response to various sensor readings, including temperature.

When the temperature goes up, your engine reduces its power output. With an intercooler, you can overcome these scenarios and help your BMW be more productive.

If using a remap, an intercooler can provide you with even more power and maximize your car’s potential.

Engine And Gearbox Mounts

Another set of BMW M performance parts that can boost your car’s performance are engine and gearbox mounts.

Engine and gearbox mounts can help your BMW flex and twist more efficiently. These parts can also minimize the vibration it receives from its cabin engine. As you increase engine power, your older mounts begin to stress out. They also may not be strong enough to support the extra power from your engine.

Swapping out the original mounts with more durable aftermarket parts can prevent this flex from siphoning your power. By taking these measures, your BMW stands to achieve better potential while on the track.

Engine Remapping

Like other stages, Stage 2 remapping will provide your BMW with more power. It also helps your performance stay in line with the diverse characteristics of de-cat or sports cat pipes.

Installing these parts without remapping can result in your engine reading the wrong measurements from exhaust sensors as a fault. It can also cause your engine management light to go off by mistake.

Due to these scenarios, Stage 2 remaps need to be put together concurrently with your new BMW parts. With these measures, your BMW will be on track to maximize its performance without any issues.

Choose BMW M Performance Parts That Help Lead Your Car To The Best Performance

As you seek BMW M performance parts for your car, look to make productiveness a priority. Remember to work on upgrades that will focus on efficiency to help maximize the speed and power of your BMW. With the best upgrades, your car will be ready to perform at a top level.

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