What Makes Sushil Singh’s Journey Inspiring?


Sushil Singh is now a successful Indian entrepreneur. However, it required him to hit the nut with a sledgehammer to reach the top level. Hence, it does make any journey special to cheer and learn from. Sushil, who was brought up in Chawls of Mumbai, did not see a high-class childhood. As his family did not have the funds as he has now, things were totally different back then. While many do feel down and pessimistic in these situations, Sushil started to see his future. At a very young age, he added hard work and dedication to his arsenal and after 10 plus years of working in the industry, he took a huge step of becoming an entrepreneur. Because of the hard work and dedication, he fathomed several basic structures of life at a young age, which made her ready for the future in a manner that changed several lives forever.

Sushil does not hold a supreme bachelor’s or master’s degree. In fact, he is a college drop up. While studying at the college, he did not like the patterns. Possibly, the institution did not have something special to offer that he was looking for and hence, Sushil decided to part ways with his colleagues in the middle of the degree. Many might think that without having a certified paper to show their skills, getting a job can be a hard task. In many ways, it does look like a realistic picture as one needs to show something out of the box for joining several brands without having any degree. Indeed, Sushil looks like one such person who beat all the odds and worked for some top firms before taking a huge step in his life back in the summer of 2015.

After working hard for some top organizations, Sushil decided to use all his experience to become a successful businessperson. He started his career with SSR Techvision, which is now a famous customer care service provider. They started with offices in India and the United and now the impact of the brand is at another level. SSR Techvision now deals with some of the leading organisations around the world. It shows that in just six years, they have managed to become a top name in the BPO sector. This is why it looks as SSR is the closest part of Sushil’s life.

In 2019, he came up with two other brands – SaiVa System and Deebaco. SaiVa System, along with SaiVa AcadEmy, works to provide world-class recruitment platforms and Information Technology solutions. SaiVa AcadEmy also plays a huge role in making some of the best IT brains. Some of them do work for SaiVa System’s IT projects, while others get high-packages at other leading IT firms. Meanwhile, Deebaco is a unique venture. His wife Sarita Singh plays the role of running this online fashion brand. In just two years, they have established themselves very well. This very reason has helped them to link up with other quality online stores to sell their products. For a lady, it is indeed a dream place to shop as one can find several things to buy. Other than these three ventures, Sushil looks after an NGO named Just Wish. in the two to three years, Just Wish has helped several people around the world. Just like humans, they do take care of nature by planting trees and taking care of them. It indeed takes time and effort to take care of trees as even a small mistake can not back the initiative to run very well. There are several other projects where one can see the investment of time, money and effort of Just Wish.

One can take a look at the Instagram account of Sushil Singh to know about his hobbies. He does look to be a family-oriented person who does enjoy spending time with his family. Some of the things are very clear that Sushil loves to read books, travel and maintain his fitness. Out of these hobbies, it feels as if reading books and gymming are some of his favourite hobbies. It seems as though he does read numerous books every year and does go to the gym mostly. He has his personal gym where one can see him setting fitness standards. Having a set pattern in life does play a major role in directing a career in the right direction. Running multiple ventures, creating a set pattern and having time for employees, friends and family members show that Sushil knows how to make things cool, calm and collective.

Well, many young students can take inspiration from Sushil and try to learn from his motivational videos as he brings the combination of working under several leaders and then making an impact as a leader. It is better to learn from someone who saw great ups and downs. What one can learn from them is just inspiring.

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