The Effects Of Copper Mining

Copper is a great metal that has proved its worth for humans, but its increased use has a bad influence on the environment. As copper is mined globally, it has adverse effects throughout the world. Three major areas are mostly affected by copper. It involves water pollution, air pollution, wildlife and habitats, and effects on human life.

The copper mining companies like Solaris Resources are making great efforts to reduce the bad effects and work more organically. This article will provide information about the bad effects of copper mining.

Water and Aquatic Life

The harmful waste release of copper when it hits the water and dissolves into it, there is a chance of death of aquatic life because of toxic materials present in the substance. Aquatic life is unable to breathe when water is affected with copper, and toxicity takes over the water. Chronic toxicity can reduce organisms and the chance that the specific water life would become extinct.

Effects on Human Life

Mining can cause serious human health issues. Being exposed where copper is present without any safe suit can decompose and affect the body badly. Breathing in copper-oriented gases is very harmful. It can cause nose and throat infections which can cause serious issues of breathing and can cause diseases like asthma. Water resources are also not safe from copper, and being exposed to one is quite dangerous.

Drinking water with copper can cause complications in the stomach and can cause vomiting and diarrhea in the initial stages. High doses of copper can cause kidney failure, heart attacks, and even cancer, as copper is carcinogenic.

Wildlife and Habitats

Because copper mining is heavy industrial work, some heavy machinery and workforce are always used in certain areas. For that, wildlife is badly affected and even disturbs the habitat. There is a chance that the birds and the other wildlife animals are affected by drinking and breathing in an area full of copper. It might affect them so badly that the birds die. Because of human activities, wildlife is always at stake. Habitats wipe off the map because of the pollution caused by copper.

Air Pollution

The burning of copper and use of heavy machinery in the mining sites with no proper ventilation cause serious health and breathing issues to the workers working down there. Copper burning and smelting produces harmful gases which are so toxic that when inhaled by someone, it can knock them off and make them unconscious within seconds. Toxic air can cause serious health issues, and most of them are related to breathing and the respiratory tract.


Copper mining has adverse effects on our environment. People exposed to any kind of copper, either toxic gas or toxic water, can have serious issues and complications. Exposure to such areas must be avoided. Copper is a great metal, but if used to a limit and with proper restrictions can reduce its bad effects on the environment. Mining companies like Solaris Resources are doing their best to protect the people, the environment, etc.

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