Best Football Games and European Football Games for Mobile


Football is the most popular sport in the world. It’s the most followed by fans worldwide. And, different spheres get involved in it, trying to offer football products and services to get the most out of the football fan base.

Online football games are one of the most engaging ones, being it a FIFA, PES, or a football slot, like The Champions by Pragmatic Play, the developer of Wolf Gold slot, the Dog House slot, Sweet Bonanza slot, etc.

Developers also create games specifically dedicated to the top football tournaments, such as the Champions League, the FIFA World Cup, etc.

Today, let’s have a look at the top football video games for mobile devices.

Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

The game mode is focused more on the management and sports direction of the club you choose and all its equipment than on carrying out the tactical strategy. You will have to meet the objectives set by the institution and compete online against other users of this football game. According to the results, you will be able to change teams next season, if you wish.

Football Strike

There is not always time to play a full game or manage a club, so this is a good choice of football games for short game lovers. In addition, you can feel like a true magician of free kicks or, on the contrary, stand on the goal to prevent goals.

Football Strike has three online game modes: Shooting Race (you will compete against other users), Free Kicks (you will alternate with the goalkeeper and the collector) and Professional Career (different challenges to earn money).

Soccer Manager

It is an administration and management simulator within a club. You will see the live matches of your team to monitor the performance of the players. In this soccer game you’ll have control over the line-up and training sessions, and you’ll also be able to build your own stadium. A whole Arsene Wenger!

Dream League Soccer

Also known as DLS, this saga had its beginnings in 2011. Here you must form a team of stars, hiring your favorite players. It has an Intelligent AI game system, six divisions to overcome, very well done animations and it runs at 60fps.

Score! Hero:

It is one of the few soccer games where you have to control a single player and not the whole team. Sure, speaking of the best. You will be the footballer, so you must name him a nationality to belong to a club or national team.

FIFA mobile

Unlike the console version, this one is much more arcadey. Unlike PES Club Manager, EA Sports moved away from the simulator style to offer something that can attract more players and is more comfortable to control.

PES Club Manager

It’s the simulation version of Pro Evolution Soccer, the difference is that in this soccer game you have to manage a club. It’s frequently updated with the latest squads. Its success has been notorious, this soccer game has accumulated 28 million downloads.

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