Choosing the Best Company with Cheap Car Shipping Services

Relocating from one city or state to the other is something that’s becoming more and more prevalent. For this reason, many logistics, moving and shipping companies are springing up. This therefore means that moving or relocating does not have be too much stress as there are a plethora of ‘help’ to choose from.

Logistics or moving companies can help you with moving your belongings but most of them do not ship cars. That is why you will need a car shipping company to move your vehicle for you. These firms do not only ship vehicles for people relocating, they help people move cars (for whatever reasons) from one place to the other.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Car Shipping Company

Seeing that there are many options to choose from when it comes to these companies, one maybe confused as to which company to hire. Sometimes, people assume that cheap services depend only on price. But the truth is that money is not the only determinant of the ‘cost’ of a product or service. There are other factors to consider, the most important of all being the value you get for the amount you paid. 

The process of analysing the cost versus the benefits of a course of action is known as Cost-Benefits analysis in the business world. This concept can also be used by individual to make smart financial choices. Apart from cost –benefits analysis that you have to carry out, the following are some other factors to consider:

Check the Company’s Insurance

This is a very important factor to consider when checking out companies to hire. The insurance coverage that a shipping company carries determines the level of responsibility they will take in the event of any damage in the course of shipment. You have to find out what the insurance covers and what it doesn’t. 

Some shippers require that their clients have their own insurance in addition to the primary insurance that they will provide. However, there are also some shippers that will make do with only the insurance that they provide.

Read Reviews

One sure fire way of finding out about a service provider is to read the reviews dropped by previous clients. When you read reviews, you get to see how the service provider responds to feedback and what the customers have to say about their service. You gain insight into how the company carry out their business and also note any recurring complaints from customers. 

No matter how ‘cheap’ the services are, the way a business treat their clients is sometimes of greater value than money. There are other parameters for judging cheap car shipping services and you will find them when you read reviews. However be wary of fake reviews which often come in one-liners as real reviews give a full description of what they loved about the service or what they have complaints about.

Review Costs

Although we have constantly reiterated that price is not the primary determinant of value, it is still important that you check out the fees that different companies charge. Compare prices across board to be sure that you are getting a fair deal. Remember to use the same parameters for your price comparison.

For example, if you chose an open carrier transport option with terminal to terminal delivery with company A, make sure you choose the same options with company B. It is only then that your comparison will be accurate.

Consider Speed of Delivery

Do not make assumptions about the shipment timeline of any shipper. Make sure you find out how fast they can get your car shipped and see whether it fits your schedule.  Sometimes customers may need what is known as expedited shipping; which entails special delivery of a vehicle on the customers timing away from the timeline of the company.  If this happens to be you, also find out how long this special delivery will take in addition to the cost.

Confirm their Terms and Conditions

Working with a reputable company that is reliable is important if you want to have a hassle-free auto transport deal. So you must make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions under which an auto transporter operates. If you are not comfortable with any of their conditions, ask questions and ensure that you get a satisfactory answer otherwise, stop the transaction.

If there are extra costs that are determined after the delivery of the shipment, they should be clearly spelt out so that you will not be blindsided at end of the day. Check out this article to see the importance of reading terms and conditions before signing off on contracts/agreements.


To make your car shipping as hassle-free as possible, you need to take out time and thoroughly assess and evaluate the shipper that you want to hire. We have shared tips that you should consider and we believe that these tips will help you get the best shipping option at the most affordable price that there is.