Are Standing Desks Good Solutions to Beat Inactivity?

Standing up while reading emails and doing your daily work routine may seem a little physically demanding, but it has its benefits. Compared to sitting the entire day and being inactive, working in a standing position is touted to provide many health benefits. 

According to recent studies from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, standing desks are the practical office solutions to keep employees active and healthy. Using such an option in your office leads to higher activity, lessens the possibilities of your employees acquiring health problems. In addition, it keeps your business momentum at pace, preventing your employees from taking leave because of an illness.

Standing Workstations Helps You Burn Extra Calories

One of the foreseen benefits of using such equipment is removing instances where people become sedentary because of accepted working norms. For example, a standing desk deviates from the conventional use where a worker is generally seen sitting. 

It elevates the desktop and the periphery, so you are forced to stay on your feet and become mobile. A raised computer allows you to work while standing, helping your blood circulate, and preventing a sedentary working lifestyle. 

Though exercise is still the most powerful way to shed pounds and burn excess calories, working in a standing position is still beneficial to your health. Compared to the entire day spent sitting, standing allows your body to burn an additional 170 calories. 

If you try to put that on a weekly timetable, you burn almost a thousand calories per week. And it is simply by forcing the habit of working in a standing position.

Reduce Back Pains and Prevent Diseases by Using a Standing Desk

Back pain is a common complaint amongst professionals who spend most of their time sitting. And this is true particularly in the older population who finds themselves sitting for long hours in the office. However, standing desks have been seen to reduce upper and lower back pains because standing and being mobile removes the pressures on your spine. 

A standing desk also helps you stay active and alert compared to sitting down. Inactivity for prolonged periods leads to a lack of energy and fatigue. Removing the old desks and replacing them with an ergonomic standing desk can help boost mood and increase productivity. 

According to studies, employees working behind a standing desk are less likely to experience stress and fatigue than those sitting down. Studies have also observed that people who returned to the old desks had their moods reverted to their original level. 

Increase Your Productivity by Staying Active Behind a Standing Desk

One of the advantages of using a standing desk is having alternate sitting and standing when working. However, standing for too long or sitting for too long can hurt your body. Fortunately, a standing desk provides you with the option of alternating between working positions. 

You can stand up and work when you feel the need for some physical activity, and you can spend time working in a sitting position. Alternating between a sitting and standing position will help your body stay active and your brain mentally alert.  

Additionally, the ability to change your working position gravitates towards beating inactivity. Therefore, it helps you refocus your energies and drive better work results by allowing your body and mind to get optimal energy levels. 

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