Employment Rights and Unfair Dismissal: Things to Know

Employers and employees have their own rights which many are not aware of. From the necessity for counsel on a new contract, to being in conflict with your employer about the terms they’re proposing and the bonuses you’re entitled to receive, or even performance-related issues. There are a lot of issues to take care of when it comes to a job. The Employment Lawyers in Melbourne are the best people to deal with this as the community comprises more than 75% working community.  Employment lawyers have a range of responsibilities for both employees and employers, which mirrors the complex world of working. 

This article will discuss the important things to know about job security in Melbourne, some benefits and provisions for employers and employees in Melbourne.

Employees in Melbourne and their Benefits

There are three types of employees in Melbourne. They include:

  1. Employees who work full-time labour roughly 38 hours each week. They are entitled to annual leave, paid sick leave, and other benefits.
  1. Part-time workers work less than 38 hours a week on average. They can take annual leave based on the number of hours they work. They may become ill, and caregivers may be required to leave.
  1. Casual employees are not guaranteed hours of work, which implies that employers are not obligated to provide them with work and can call them in at any time. Casual employees don’t not have the facility for paid time off. Because they do not receive benefits like as sick or yearly leave, they are entitled to a higher pay rate than full- or part-time employees doing the same task (known as ‘casual loading’).

Unfair dismissal

An unfair dismissal occurs when you are fired from your job and believe it was done in a harsh, unjust, or unjustified manner. To be qualified, you must meet certain requirements, such as the sort of job you have and the length of time you have worked there. You can consult an employment lawyer or utilise some of the questionnaires on the Fair Work Commission’s website to determine this. You can ask for reinstatement or compensation for your dismissal as part of an unjust dismissal application. An unfair dismissal claim is a two-step process: when you file your claim, it will be scheduled for conciliation with your former employer to try to address the issue. If the issue is not resolved, the Fair Work Commission can hold a hearing to decide the case.

Dismissed without warning- Exceptions

Yes, in significant cases of misbehaviour. Situations involving theft or workplace assault are examples of such scenarios. In other, less significant circumstances, you should expect to be given a warning about any concerns about your poor performance or conduct before being fired. Some other Exceptions

  •  – Employees who make more above the high-income level (currently $153,600 without superannuation, updated annually)
  • – Employees with terminated fixed-term contracts
  • – Those who are eligible for the modern award
  • – Employees who have been laid off for good.
  • – Those who are enrolled in apprenticeships or training programmes

Legal definition of sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment is typically investigated by the Equal Opportunity Commission or the Federal Human Rights Commission in Melbourne.

The case will be filed with the Equal Opportunity Commission in Victoria, and a conciliation will be held. If the dispute cannot be settled through conciliation, it will be taken to the Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which will be free of charge.

To bring your action in federal court, it must first go via the Human Rights Commission, then the Federal Court – at this stage, it is a cost jurisdiction, which means that if you win, your costs will be covered. Having an Employment lawyer in Melbourne helps in proper movement through all these procedures.

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