Frameworks Preferred by Application Developers in 2022

Consumers and users of mobile phones are increasing continuously by significant numbers. To create user-friendly mobile applications, developers must use the best mobile app development frameworks. The information regarding mobile app development frameworks needs to be correct.

The mobile app development framework is software that assists developers in app design and development. The attributes of different frameworks suit different needs, and developers search for the appropriate one depending on their needs and situation.

Why do Application Developers Prefer Frameworks?

App development is not a cakewalk as it requires very dedicated attention and a lot of technical knowledge. Coding, designing, and testing are some non-negotiable necessities that application developers must fulfill. With frameworks, the complex process of app development becomes less complicated. Employing the same provides absolute control of the entire app development process to the possible extent through a single platform only.

These are the advantages due to which frameworks are preferred in the course of app design and development:

  • This understands the needs of the developers better and establishes more profound programming practices that suit the design patterns.
  • The safety indices of the codes are high.
  • Customization of codes can be done quickly.
  • Fixing bugs is a real issue for developer frameworks to take care of this and reduce the number of bugs when developing.
  • Working on sophisticated technologies is much easier with this.
  • Through this, the functionality is improved in pace and continuum.
  • There are framework segments that reduce the developers’ work with ready-to-use functionality. These are also credible and reliable.
  • Testing and debugging codes through these is less complicated and can be done with very little trouble.
  • A significant amount also decreases time consumption in the whole process.

These are the frameworks that improve the process of app design and development.


This is considered among the easiest-to-use application design and development frameworks. This does not ask for unique codes from the users, and developers do not need to dive deep into coding if they employ this particular framework.

The user-friendly interface allows users to operate and navigate swiftly without getting confused.


This can be used for cross-platform app development. This is equipped with tools and libraries that allow it to create an application. This can be used to develop a hybrid mobile app as this is an open-source framework.

A great and sophisticated application can be developed by using this framework. Along with Android, this allows users to develop Windows and iOS apps.

React Native

This is among the most popular frameworks used for mobile app development and matches the quality threshold required to develop iOS applications. React Native is categorized among open-source and cross-platform frameworks.


This is a Dart programming language-based, unique, and free framework brought into use by the application developers. There is a vast range of in-built components present in the framework, and the mobile development process is faster and more evolved when it comes to this.

Corona SDK

This is also an open-source and cross-platform framework, which works in its favor as people use it more often. This is the absolute Android framework.

This is put to use by most game designers.

Due to its outstanding features, it is lightweight, and using it is also easy.


This is a.NET-based application design and development framework with cross-platform and open-source attributes. It supports several tools and instruments that are used in app development. All three iOS, Android, and Windows mobile applications can be developed by using this framework.

Onsen UI

This is used to develop rich-featured mobile applications. This framework removes the complexities, and even the most challenging mobile application can be built using it. Android & iOS mobile applications can be created by using this application framework. Developers can access HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages utilizing this framework to build an application. 

JQuery Mobile

This is the best application development framework for responsive and profound mobile applications. The applications developed through the same are compatible with the framework, allowing the formation of Android Architecture associated with all its platforms.

The system of the framework provides help to the developer and helps to save a lot of time. Through this, developers can also create interactive web pages.

Sencha Touch Ext JS

This consists of a UI JavaScript library that can be used for mobile web application development. The primary function of the same is developing any mobile application’s UI (user interface). If a developer does not know a programming language, there is no need to worry. This framework assists the developer to the maximum extent.  

Angular UI for Mobile

This can be used for the development of hybrid applications. AngularJS, Bootstrap, and HTML5 are the pillars of this framework. The benefits of this framework are:

  1. Tools and instruments present in the framework are versatile and valuable.
  2. Development of responsive applications can be done by the same.
  3. This framework has an open-source nature. 
  4. Even if a developer has started to use this framework recently, there will be no learning curve for a significant time. 
  5. For the resolution of confusion, community support is available.


Application developers prefer frameworks, making it easy to develop and deploy mobile applications. There are different frameworks, and application developers select the right one per the requirement by going through the exact attributes.

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