Wear Cute Short Dresses to Your Advantage With These Tips

Technically, a mini-dress is short and close-fitting that typically ends at least four inches above your knees. It first came into existence as an innovation by Mary Quant that shocked people in the 1960s. Eventually, every working woman in the 80s caught on to the fad and wore mini-dresses to their offices.

With such a rich and colorful history behind them, these mini-dresses have proven to be a classic mainstay in every wardrobe and fashion development. Various cute short dresses that are available today come in different colors and patterns. As more options astound and charm your heart, it is beneficial to know some tips on how you can wear them well:

Wear Appropriate Undergarments

Panty lines occur when the thin markings of the underwear edges become visible through clothing. These marks may seem normal and inevitable, but they can ruin your whole ensemble. Therefore, they are your number one priority to avoid when wearing a short dress. 

It would be best to wear seamless lingerie or underwear when wearing a mini-dress. In addition, you can also wear a body shaper to highlight your curves. These undergarments keep you from public humiliation and even flatter your figure.

Additionally, you need to be able to flaunt and move freely in your cute short dresses. Wearing cycling or boy shorts underneath will help you regain your freedom and confidence. You don’t have to worry or constantly check for possible indecent exposures as they will fully cover and protect you. 

Don’t Forget About Your Legs

Most individuals choose to purchase and wear a mini-dress to put a spotlight on their legs. Therefore, you need to prepare your lower limbs before strutting your dress out on the streets or runway. You should carefully exfoliate then moisturize your lower extremities beforehand. 

You should only use quality moisturizers and products to keep your skin healthy and luscious. Alternatively, tanning creams, bronzers, and highlighting powders can do the trick if you don’t have much time to prepare. Ultimately, keeping your feet clean and well-maintained will also boost your confidence as you walk. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes

As mentioned earlier, mini or short dresses accentuate your legs, and wearing high heels will emphasize them even more. Platform-heeled sandals add a few inches to your height while bringing out balance and proportions to your entire body. These shoes highlight your shins and calves and make your entire leg seem longer. 

Regardless, your comfort should always come first, and you should only wear your most comfortable shoes and apparel. Thus, you may also wear flats or switch to flat footwear to dance and move more freely. Winter boots would also go well with your dress and keep you safe in the cold. 

Furthermore, mini-dresses demand good posture both in walking and sitting. You need to avoid slouching and work on walking elegantly. Sitting down will be challenging because of its length, but keeping a lady-like leg-crossed position would prevent mishaps. 

Don’t Over-Accessorize 

Again, your legs become the main highlight or accessory when you’re wearing a short dress. Furthermore, your mini-dress is already contributing to your chic and sophisticated look on its own. Wearing too much bling and accessories would ruin your ensemble and take the spotlight away from your lower extremities. 

Thus, you need to keep your accessories simple and minimal. Specifically, you can choose from shiny rings, thin necklaces, and hoop earrings to complete your look. Additionally, you can carry a small clutch or handbag to store your necessities for a night out to the town.

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