Travel Diamond Jewelry is Real, Did You Know?

Travel jewelry has the same shine and sparkle as your fine jewelry. That’s why you can use it when traveling for a special occasion.

An untrained eye will not notice the difference. Travel jewelry is important because sometimes, leaving your actual jewelry in a safe place at home is the best thing you can do.

Any fine jewelry is an investment, and the value is high. For example, a couple in America planning to wed can spend over $6,000 on their ring. Instead of traveling with this expensive and valuable ring, you can duplicate your wedding sets according to their diamond styles. Travel with the duplicate ring.

So why should you wear traveling jewelry? Read on to discover why you should consider having traveling jewelry and why it’s the real thing.

Reduce Potential losses

Traveling with your jewelry can be risky in many ways. It’s possible to lose valuable and expensive jewelry while moving from one place to the next.

Sometimes the jewelry may be an heirloom passed from one generation to the next. Such jewelry has sentimental value and cannot be replaced. Leaving valuable jewelry in a secure place at home will ensure they are safe.

However, if the jewelry is something you want to wear or carry, you can use travel jewelry as a stand-in. Other ways you might lose your jewelry include

  • Jewelry like diamond pendants can get entangled and knotted in your bags. Others may become disorganized and damaged.
  • Fine jewelry can attract thieves and pickpockets.
  • If you frequently travel from one place to the next, keeping track of your jewelry can be difficult.

Low Maintenance Cost

Diamond jewelry needs proper maintenance. This includes cleaning and upkeep for at least after six months.

Maintaining a cleaning schedule and ensuring your jewelry remains in good condition is important, especially if you travel and use them often. If you don’t use your actual jewelry, you may not need to clean them frequently. This lowers the maintenance cost and keeps the jewelry in good condition for a long time.

Prevents Intrusiveness

Intrusiveness and unwanted attention can frustrate many people, especially during social events. Travel jewelry can help you avoid intrusiveness and the feeling that you need to explain yourself to everybody.

Wedding sets that have an engagement diamond ring or a wedding band that can help you divert unwanted attention. When people see the jewelry on your finger, they assume you are engaged or married.

Some might still approach you buy at least it will keep others away. So what kind of travel jewelry should you have?

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds might be part of your jewelry set. Make sure you know the jewelry you will need before you travel.

Consider the purpose of your journey and decide the look you want to match with your fine jewelry. What you need will depend on your trip. You may attend a formal function, a wedding, or a camping trip.

Choose the most appropriate jewelry depending on the nature of your trip. Diamond jewelry is some of the most precious gemstones. The ethically sourced lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly, and you can be proud of wearing them. Lab grown diamonds look like diamonds under the earth. Such valuable jewelry should always be in a safe place, especially when traveling.

For example, having a stand-in traveling wedding set instead of your fine diamond wedding band or engagement ring is the best way to keep your jewelry safe. Avoid carrying all your jewelry. Choose only what you need.

Here are some of the jewelry you can take with you.

Wedding Jewelry

If you are a couple planning to get married or a married couple, you may have valuable diamonds on your finger. One of the important things you need to do is to think of how to protect your wedding jewelry or engagement ring.

Traveling rings similar to your wedding or engagement rings can help keep your precious wedding set safe. Wedding and engagement rings not only have monetary value, but they also have sentimental value, so you don’t want to lose them.

For example, carrying your wedding set on a camping trip, hike, or swimming can be risky. If you attend a formal function, you can also forget it in your hotel room.

A travel wedding or engagement ring is the best way to go. Losing a piece of travel jewelry is not good, but losing your actual diamond wedding ring or engagement ring is worse.

Diamond Pendant

Jewelry like diamond pendants never goes out of style. They match most outfits and can easily complete your look. If you’re traveling and want to carry your valuable diamond pendant to complete a specific look, you can ask your jeweler to design a similar one.

The look and shine will be the same. An untrained eye cannot notice the difference. A travel pendant that looks just like your diamond pendant completes your look and keeps your mind at ease. If the pendant is destroyed or lost, the loss is not as much as losing your diamond pendant.


Bracelets show your unique style each time you wear them. They are timeless and an addition to your look.

You may want to wear your tennis bracelet and match it with a specific outfit. This is possible if you make sure the bracelet is part of your travel jewelry. It will help you get the exact look you want

Key Takeaway

Leaving your precious jewelry at home is not an easy decision, especially if you are aiming for a particular look at an event. You may want to carry all your jewelry, but that’s not wise. You risk losing or damaging them.

Consider having a set of travel jewelry that will make you feel as if you are wearing your actual jewelry. Not many people will know the difference easily. Damages or theft of travel jewelry is not the same as that of actual jewelry. Minimize moving your jewelry around. Some might have irreplaceable sentimental value. That’s why travel jewelry is the real thing.

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