Tips To Make You A Winner When Betting On The Victoria Derby

Victoria Derby

An iconic race in Australia, the Victoria Derby. The Derby has been running since 1855, and has a proud history. As a result of the Victoria Derby’s status during the Spring Carnival, the purse was recently increased to an impressive two million dollars. 

It is not the main motto of our arrival to discuss the Victoria Derby and its history in this short article. In addition to discussing the Victoria Derby, this article focuses on tips to help you be a winner when betting on the race. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get right to the point of this article. 

1 Weight

Among the main factors that determine the winner of the Victoria Derby is weight, since weight is an important factor in racing generally. If you doubt that, strap 57 kilograms to your own back and see if you can run as fast as you possibly can without it. 

While the Victoria Derby is run at set weights, there is no marginal penalty for any entrants. Colts can carry 57 kilograms, while the girls get two kilograms relief and carry 55kg, so if you want to become a winner when betting on Victoria Derby then don’t neglect the weight.

2 Gender

Put a line through any of the fillies in the race if you want a simple form for the Victoria Derby. This race is rarely contested by them and with good reason. In 1923 a filly won the race for the first time. Frances Tressady saluted at the finish line as the first entrant. Exactly 100 years have passed since the girls won the Derby! It’s not hard to understand why connections of fillies avoid this race. 

3 Trainers

The Victoria Derby is a tough race for trainers, so if you want to become a winner when betting on it, just remember it’s a tough race for trainers also and you have to choose the right trainer. When it comes to three year olds, you’re still dealing with immature horses, so you’ll want to look at a trainer’s past performance with three year olds. 

You need detailed form info you can get from your form guide, high level numbers aren’t sufficient here. There are some trainers who rise to the challenge in major races like the Victoria Derby. Make sure you find out which trainers enjoy the race more than others. 

4 Jockeys

It is vital that you realize that the jockeys are one of the key things that make you a winner when wagering on the Victoria Derby since the horses are obviously extremely competitive in such a high-profile race. It’s a time when money and prestige are on offer at their highest levels. Jockeys who are successful and experienced in high-quality races are the ideal choice when the whips are cracking. 

5 Look at Odds

It is common for bettors to place bets only on their favorite horses and jockeys; however, it does not mean that they are guaranteed to win. You need to do research and place your bets on the best horses, trainers, and jockeys rather than always backing your favorite. 

In conclusion, if you want to know how to make sure you win when betting on the Victoria Derby, then you need to look beyond the favorites; if the favorite is well qualified, then you should bet on them, but if they are average, then you have to choose others.

Final Thoughts

Beside the above mentioned points, there are plenty of other things that you have to consider when betting on the Victoria Derby but it is pretty challenging to mention them all, so don’t forget to look at the above mentioned points if you want to win.

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