Reasons Why You Should OPT For W Goa Hotel

If you are planning to visit goa and you are looking for some amazing hotels to stay in, then book your room at W Goa. It is a great place and will take care of all your needs. The hotel has amazing interiors and is very aesthetic to click good pictures or to have fun with your loved ones as you enter their apartment. The first thing to go for is the ambiance and the vibe that you are going to get from the hotels and staff rooms. 

Why should we go for W Goa?

The reason that you should opt for W Goa would be their amazing quality of food and the view that you will be getting to see from your balcony and window. However, people do not think of these things much as they think of spending less money in terms of these things but if you are not going to see the wonders and the beautiful skies and the sunset from the beach, will it be worth going there? You have to be clear about certain things are you plan your vacation and it is not going to come any sooner as everybody has their work to do. 

What is the difference between other hotels and W Goa?

The differentiation is the customers that are coming back after they have stayed for a very long time and they already know that this hotel has given them some amazing stay with friendly staff and they have helped in your problems even though not every staff does that. The customer service has to be good or maybe beyond good because if it is not going to be, the customers are going to give bad reviews and they are never returning to their hotel. 

What makes W Goa unique from others?

First thing is that it is very affordable for people who cannot afford the high value of hotels just because they want to have that feel. This hotel will give you that kind of experience within your budget and will make sure that your all needs are fulfilled with great food cleanliness and hygiene. This hotel will make sure you are living in a safe and clean environment by coming now and then to clean up as you go out to enjoy. The hotel has amazing staff so even if you are very doubtful and have so many questions regarding one particular topic, the staffs are happy to guide you and can give you as much time as you need to make sure that you are satisfied.

Other than great ambiance and customer service, you can also customize food according to your preference if you are a vegetarian, they have immense options in that as well and if you are a non-vegetarian, they have options there too, name it and they have it. They have food options in vegan as well so there will be no problem in terms of food that you are going to order from them. You will get king size bed with an amazing garden view with lots of space if you are coming with a big family or with your kids, so they can enjoy themselves properly. 

What are the amenities in W Goa?

Every person you will see there will make sure they are covered with masks and their hands are hygienic and sanitized properly before welcoming their customers. You get basic facilities like free wifi, free parking if you are coming with your vehicle in case, a free elevator or lift to go on, the air conditioner is provided. They also have paid pickup or drop facilities in case you are finding difficulties booking a cab, the staff owners can provide you with that as well. They also have paid airport transfer which makes it easier for one in case you forget things like these so they can become a backup to this. 

What other facilities are provided in W Goa?

If you are coming with your family and you have kids along, they have a kids’ play area, where kids can have fun with their games and other activities to make sure the couple can enjoy in that time alone. They have a kids club as well, where other kids are also included and they can make new friends and have fun with them. Along with indoor games, you can also order your favorite food or drinks if you are enjoying yourself alone or with your partner. There is even a cooking class where you can cook all by yourself if that is something you like to do. There is a dining area as well. 

Fun activities to do at W Goa

You get a pool where you can have fun with your loved ones, you can play with them. The beach is very close to the resort and sometimes you just don’t want to wait for going to the beach so it makes sense that way if it is closer to where you are staying. You can also do yoga and do some fun activities all by yourself. You get the whole space for yourself which is truly an amazing experience. You are the owner as long as you will stay and that is something the kind of privacy every customer is looking for when they book a hotel. There are so many indoor games that you will have fun and capture some great moments with the people you are going with. 

You can book the hotel even if you are on the way and can ask them if they are free to guide you. You can contact them through the mobile number they have mentioned on their website and you can also go through the comments from people who have visited and stayed there for a while. You can see the ratings and the reviews and accordingly you can make your decision through those resources that are available for you regarding W Goa. 

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