Mojini V3: Application Status Process and Benefits

Mojini V3

Mojini V3 is an online portal that offers several land services and records for Karnataka Citizens. It was created by the Survey Department, Land Records (SSLR), and Settlement, under the Bhoomi Project. The portal aims to make the land administration system accessible, efficient, and convenient to both the public and the government as well.

What Mojini V3 Does?

Mojini V3 provides a broad range of features and services which are listed as follows:

  1. Application Status: Consumers can check their application status for several land-related services such as conversion, mutation, partition, and phodi, by giving their application number.
  2. Allotment Status: Users can check their allotment status of their land by the government through entering application number.
  3. Revenue Maps: On this tool, you can view village map with revenue details such as extent, survey number, owner name, etc.
  4. Dispute Cases: You can view dispute cases list related to land records in their respective taluk.
  5. Circulators: The circulars issued by SSLR Department on several matters related to administration of land.

Process To Check Mojini Application Status

To check mojini application status, you need to visit the official website of mojini and then, choose application status. Below process can be followed to check your application status:

Via Mojini V3 Website

  1. Visit mojiniv3 web portal i.e.,
  2. Scroll the dashboard and click on application status button.
  3. There will be three options to get status through application number, mobile number, and survey number.
  4. Enter as per the asking detail and click on ‘get status’ button.

Via Mojini App

  1. You will be required to download the app for android from the Google Play Store.
  2. After downloading it, open the application and tap on the view Mojini request button after scrolling the dashboard.
  3. Enter details such as application number, survey number, or mobile number.
  4. After entering details, click on get status button.

Benefits Of Mojini V3

There are multiple benefits associated with the usage of mojini v3 platform. Some of them are given in the below list:

  • Efficiency & Convenience: The platform decreases the cost and time of land records and services. It allows to eliminate the need for paperwork or physical visits. It also filters the application and work on delivering smooth process.
  • Accountability & Transparency: It ensures that land services and records are transparent and accountable. It offers access to all document related information to the land on portal. It also records and keep tracks on all transactions and activities on the portal.
  • Accuracy: It enhances reliability and accuracy of land services and records. It uses digital technology and software to verify and update the land’s data.


Mojini V3 is an online portal where users can get several services and records for the Karnataka Citizens. It is created by the Surve Department, Land Records, and Settlement where consumers can track all activities of their land supervision including registrating it and much more.

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