Important Tips for a Safe Sauna Experience

We can’t go on a fancy vacation every now and then to relax and cool off. However, one way we can successfully lay off stress and relax in a healthy environment is to get in a sauna. Saunas are one of the best ways to relax your  mind and body. Let’s learn about some important tips that you should follow before booking a sauna session. 

Types of sauna

Not all rules and tips apply to every kind of sauna that exist. There are many new and rare types of saunas such as portable saunas and shower-sauna rooms. Before you step into any sauna, make sure you know what type is it and what are its rules and regulations. 

Electric heater saunas 

Considered to be much safer and efficient, electric heaters give you a very similar experience to wood burning saunas. Electric saunas work by heating stones in an electric heater via electricity. To create a steaming effect, you can water the stones in the heater. The best part about electric saunas is that you can install them in homes as well!

Wood burning saunas

Wood burning saunas are a traditional form of saunas. They are also sometimes considered to be the real “Finnish” saunas, and are referred to as “dry” saunas. They have very little, almost no humidity at all, which is why it is essential to be hydrated before going into a wood burnings sauna. A wood burning stove is installed in the sauna, which heats the whole room without any moisture in the air. Such saunas create a lot of smoke externally, so they have become less popular in main urban cities and homes. 

Infrared saunas

Infra-red saunas are equipped with infrared heaters that heat the room without any other material such as stones or wood. Instead, the rays heat up the whole room. This is the reason why heat levels in an infrared sauna are lesser than those compared with wood burning saunas. They are much more compact, budget-friendly, and eco-friendly. They can also be installed easily in homes. 

Steam sauna

Steam rooms and saunas are practically not the same thing, but many people consider steam saunas a type of sauna. Steam saunas are also known as steam rooms and Turkish saunas. The main difference in a steam sauna and other kinds is the source of heat and the type of room. Steam saunas use ceramic tiles that are entirely non-porous. These type of saunas create heat for the room through hot boiling water. 

Tips for a safe sauna experience

  • Stay hydrated

There is a lot of heat inside the sauna, and sometimes even less humidity than your body is naturally used to. Moreover, you also sweating a lot, during and even after the sauna session. To prevent dehydration and exhaustion, make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking cold water before and after the session. 

  • Shower

Sauna is meant to make you sweat without doing any physical activity. To make sure that this process goes well, take a shower before going in so you can get rid of oily film from your body and any excessive moisture from the sweat.  Take a hot shower before going to the sauna, so that your pores are open and the skin is prepared to go into that heated up room. When you are done with sauna, take a cool shower to cool down your body, close your pores and dry out sweat. 

  • Sit up straight

Rather than laying down or putting your back against the bench or a wall, try sitting up straight the whole time. This will help the heat, specifically the infrared rays to reach all parts of your body equally. 

  • Avoid phones in infrared 

While you can bring mobile phones in regular saunas, they are forbidden in infrared saunas. If you are planning on carrying your phone with you in the sauna, inquire people in charge there about the type of sauna and whether it is safe for you to take your mobile phone. 

Infrared saunas have infrared rays that can damage mobile phones hardware. Some people end up blaming people in charge of the sauna, so make sure you know all the necessary details about sauna rules before you take anything there. 

You can take your phones in other types of saunas such as wood burning and electric heater ones. A mobile phone can add to your experience, You can use your AT&T DIRECTV packages and watch entertaining content on the mobile app. However, for infrared saunas, you will most likely find an external music system to keep you entertained. 

  • Cool down time

There are high chances that you will be sweating even after the sauna session. Therefore, give yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes to cool down when you come out of the sauna. Sit in a room temperature setting, with loose clothes or bath suits on and cool off before taking a shower or changing into your regular clothes. 

  • Gradual increase in duration

Do not stay in a sauna for 15 minutes straight up. Increase the duration gradually, so that your body gets used to it and adapts to such hot and dry conditions. You must start from only 5 minutes, and make increments of 3-4 minutes after each session. Preferably, do not stay longer than 15-20 minutes even after you have been taking sauna for a long time. 

  • When to avoid sauna?

There are certain conditions in which you should not go to a sauna at all, at least without professional assistance. Some people are on medications that stop or reduce their sweat. If you are on such meds, avoid going to saunas.

Avoid going to a sauna if you are pregnant or are trying to conceive. Heart patients and people who had a heart attack in the recent past should also avoid it. If you are tired, exhausted and sleepy, sauna is not recommended. Asthma and people with breathing difficulties should also consult before hitting the sauna. 


Now that you know how to keep yourself safe and healthy in a sauna, you must take all the necessary precautions. Avoid wearing jewelry, watches and anything valuable in sauna. Moreover, staying hydrated at all times is very important! 

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