How good are blue light protection glasses for your eyes?

Blue light, a high energy visible light is present all around us. It is present in natural light, digital devices like computers, phones and LEDs. Blue lights in low amount are not harmful. These lights induce alertness and wakefulness. It makes you feel energized and active. After a morning jog, you are always upbeat and perform with efficiency in your job. Lack of morning sun can make you groggy and irritated all the time.

A bit of blue light is good. But not a lot of it. In today’s era, we are surrounded by a lot of blue lights. It is from computers, mobile phones and other digital devices. The time we spent on these devices averages 11 hours. Because of the pandemic, we are spending even more hours on digital devices. This overexposure to blue lights is harming our eyes.

What can you do to protect your eyes from blue lights?

To protect your eyes from blue lights, you need to block excess blue lights. You can do this by cutting down the time you spend on computers and other devices. This can be tough to do. Apart from work, you are reliant on your phones for various activities. It can be recreation, socialising or for educational purposes. Most crucial services are also online. And because of convenience, you seek out these services. It is very difficult to cut down your screen time entirely. You can try blocking blue lights by wearing blue light protection glasses.

By wearing blue light protection glasses, you will be able to keep your eyes safe. You will not suffer from eye strain or eye fatigue. You can work for long hours on computers and not get headaches.

You can also start using artificial tear drops to lubricate your eyes. By moistening your eyes, you can relieve your eyes from strain, fatigue and dryness. You will get relief after long hours of working on computers.

Another solution is to take appropriate breaks in between works. You should not work on computers monotonously. Taking your eyes for a while from all digital devices can provide relief to your eyes. You can try out the 20-20-20 rule for a break. In this, you need to take a break of 20 secs every 20 minutes of working on the computer and stare at any object 20 feet away. This will give relief to your eyes and your eyes will not strain as much.

How do Blue light protection glasses help?

Blue light protection glasses help by blocking blue lights. These glasses help in getting relief for your eyes. Your eyes are less strained and fatigued after long hours of work. You get a clean and clear image without any discomfort of the glaringly bright screen. With this, you can improve your work efficiency.

Blue light glasses also help in regulating your sleep cycle. Overexposure to blue lights make your brain active and doesn’t let it send a signal to the body to sleep. Even during nighttime, you find it difficult to fall asleep. By blocking blue lights, these blue light protection glasses help in regulating your sleep cycle. You are able to have a sound sleep and wake up the next day energised. Whether you use prescription glasses or not, get blue light blocking glasses for yourself. Even with perfect vision, you can get side-effects of blue lights. To keep your eyes safe and healthy, these glasses will give clear and comfortable vision.

X-Blue UV lenses from Specscart are the cheapest blue light lenses with high-quality benefits. These lenses block 99.99 percent of blue light emission. Wearing these will ensure improvement in your sleep cycle. Try out these lenses with designer glasses frames.

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