How to Be an Effective Creative Writing Teacher for a Group of People?

Creative writing can be pretty enjoyable for people, unlike in the case of formal and academic writing; people can freely express their creativity in such writing classes. However, teachers play a significant role in encouraging students to enjoy creative writing. As the caption of the ship, you must be able to lead and inspire them to enjoy creative writing and be good at it. Who knows, you could be trained as the next J.K Rowling, Hemingway, or Felicity Stone Toronto. What are those tips and tricks to be an effective creative writing teacher? Keep reading to find out. 

  • Design & plan your classes ahead 

As a teacher, you would know that planning is your best friend. It is ideal to plan your writing classes to ensure you and your students are going in the same direction. Your very first classes can be about the plot and character development. Search for resources to supplement your lessons. You can find many creative writing exercise worksheets online; including them in your classwork or homework will benefit you. 

  • Propose themes and topics 

Proposing themes and topics for your writing classes is another way to manage things. They can be used as a source of inspiration. Search through magazines and books to get exciting ideas. Jot them down as your “breeding ideas” and use them according to your planned lessons. While moving forward, this will help students to work on areas that they are not familiar with. 

  • Encourage book reading 

Book reading comes with great importance in any writing class. Encourage students to develop a habit of book reading. This will miraculously transform their creative writing. 

  • Challenge their skills 

You can test your students’ skills by giving them writing challenges. One example is writing a six-word story. For students, it can be daunting to write stories with a prescribed limit, but it can be even more complex when the prescribed limit is just a few words. This will make your students’ creative juices flow for good. Want more amazing creative writing teaching tips? Read about Felicity Stone Toronto

  • Arrange writing competition 

Friendly competitions are a great way to encourage learning among the students. With the help of your students, set a few writing quests that can earn them points. Give them a challenge of character development and designing their story ending. You can give journaling or word banks to improve their vocabulary in homework. Give points to students for their outcomes and acknowledge the top achievers. 

  • Review & Feedback 

Allow your students to review the write-ups of their classmates. Divide your class into small groups so that they can share their writings and review them. This will help build the young writers’ confidence and listen to their fellows’ comments and suggestions to improve their skills further. At the same time, it will help you measure the strength and weaknesses of the writers through the eyes of the audience. 


While teaching a subject like creative writing, you learn more than just teaching. It is truly a great experience seeing your students get better at writing. Follow these tips and tricks to be an effective creative writing teacher. 

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