How Can You Discover The Joy Of Art Collecting?

Have you ever been to the Louvre? The Mona Lisa – that iconic painting done by one of the world’s greatest geniuses and the European Renaissance’s most remarkable personality, Leonardo DaVinci – hangs there. It’s truly a work of art. Its charm goes beyond the fact that it looks nice. The painting has a puzzle that no one, throughout the ages, has ever been able to decipher. In any case, if you have ever seen the Mona Lisa, you probably gained an appreciation of art. You can indulge in this appreciation by collecting art that can bring absolute joy and happiness in itself!

Sheldon Inwentash is a successful business leader and a great art lover. He loves to collect art and has some of the best art collections. Thus, feel free to take his advice.

Figure Out What You Want In Art

Let’s face it. You’re going to be disappointed if, deep down inside, you crave goth-inspired paintings and artwork, and you spend your entire life and fortune collecting Renaissance classics. You just won’t get any joy whenever you look at your artwork. So the first thing that you must do before you amass an extensive collection of art is figuring out what pleases you when you look at the artwork. Once you’ve figured that out, all you have to do is find artwork whose themes match what you desire.

Sheldon Inwentash Toronto always knew his taste in art which helped him find the best artwork that pleased him.

Become A Patron Art Museums

So you may be wondering why this is important. It’s because museums have a massive collection of artwork. This spans many centuries and covers many themes, artistic styles, and moods. It’s only by looking at many different pieces of artwork that you’ll be able to understand if it’s murals, paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc., that get you in the right, artistic mood. 

Bookmark What You Look At Online

If you go to your local museum, be sure to make a note of those paintings and works of art that happened to catch your eye. When you go home, be sure to go online and bookmark those works of art. You’ll thank yourself later when you can analyze and study these works in detail in your leisure. It’s only by doing this that you’ll be able to understand what you enjoy when looking at art while sipping a glass of Merlot!

Seek Help From The Experts

Now don’t panic. You don’t need to spend a small fortune hiring a famous art critic to help you understand your authentic art tastes. Finding your real niche in art is just a matter of consulting one of your friends who happens to have more formal training in evaluating artwork than you do.

You can ask them for valuable advice when looking at and evaluating different works of art!

All It Takes Is Some Effort

Did you ever hear the phrase, “you get out of it what you put into it?” This phrase means that the results you reap from an endeavor are equal to the efforts that you invest in that endeavor. This phrase applies to collecting artwork earnestly. It’s only after you take some time and effort to invest in knowing what you like and what types of artwork are out there that you’ll genuinely enjoy collecting artwork!

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