How Expensive Are Paper Takeaway Bags?

Businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, are working to improve the effect that they have on the planet. Whether that’s by being more mindful of the processes they use or the materials that feature in their products. The takeaway business is no different – food vendors are making changes to their packaging so that if they happen to be discarded incorrectly, they will not harm the environment or habitats. Paper takeaway bags are becoming a more popular choice, read on to find out more about them and how much they cost.

Why switch to paper takeaway bags? 

Many takeaway food businesses are choosing the make the switch from plastic takeaway bags to paper and cardboard takeaway bags – and for good reason. As we all know, plastic bags cause serious harm to the planet, and over the last decade, more of us are beginning to look for ways in which we can reduce the impact we have on the planet, businesses included. This is why the plastic carrier bag tax was implemented, to reduce the number of people that were using single-use plastic every time they popped into the shops. Because takeaway food can be eaten on the go, the packaging that it comes in is more likely to be discarded in the wrong way – mostly not making it to the bin. Because of this, takeaway food companies are choosing to use paper bags that are recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. 


Switching to paper takeaway bags makes businesses more eco-friendly. When plastic is discarded in the wrong way, it can be harmful to the environment, destroy habitats and hurt animals that may ingest it. Paper, in comparison, simply degrades back into the earth, and although people should always keep littering to a minimum, if it does end up not quite making it to the bin, it won’t harm any living things. It is also made from sustainable plant materials, which makes it a great choice for companies trying to be more aware of our natural resources. It is likely that you will appeal to a larger target market if you are more eco-friendly, and you’ll attract like-minded people that will appreciate the changes you’ve made. 


Just because they’re made of paper, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them again! Paper bags are strong, which means that customers can use your bags more than once to help them eradicate the need to use plastic bags. Using paper bags means that your company can make a huge difference when it comes to reducing the overall need for plastic bags, meaning they won’t end up harming the environment. More of us are collecting bags that we can reuse the next time we go shopping, and paper bags are no different. 


You may be wondering if paper and plastic match up in terms of durability – in short, yes, they do! Paper bags are made from long, strong cellulose fibres that can withstand heavy weight, so they are perfect for carrying your shopping home in, or in this case, your takeaway food. Businesses are also opting for more cardboard packaging for the same reason, they are both biodegradable and can be recycled. 

How expensive are they? 

So, you’ve chosen to make the switch from plastic takeaway bags to paper bags so that you can be more environmentally friendly – how much is this likely to cost? That all depends on how many you need, and whether you’re choosing to have them branded, which we will look at more closely below. The simplest, brown paper bags with no branding can cost you as little as £16.50 for 250 products. If you decide that you’d like a different design or size, you’ll find that prices may vary. 

Can you have them branded? 

You can have your new paper takeaway bags branded, in fact, this is one of the best ways to get your brand noticed! Using your logo and business name on your bag allows you to spread the word about your company and shows customers that you are doing all you can to help the planet. You can use branded paper bags as a marketing tool to attract new customers, and as a way of improving your sustainability. 

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