How Can Teachers Find Additional Resources for the Classroom?


Teachers are some of the most important people in our society. They help mould the minds of children, teach them new things, and prepare them for life as an adult. Unfortunately, teachers don’t always have access to these resources for teaching they need to do their jobs well.

For example,

A few years ago, I was teaching 3rd-grade math and wanted some different games to use with my students because I was getting bored with our normal ones but didn’t have time during the school year to create new ones myself. And hence, I got stuck!

If you’re a teacher looking for additional resources for teaching in your classroom but don’t know where to start, here are some great websites that can help:


Suraasa allows you to create a profile with your credentials, search for teaching jobs in your area and participate in FREE Teacher-Growth Masterclasses. You can also access 100+ teaching resources for FREE and access their weekly newsletter and podcasts from leading educationalists.

This website is an excellent way to get grow in your teaching career. They also provide professional development opportunities, including webinars and blogs with useful tips and tools that can help your classroom run smoothly. The site features articles on how to create an engaging lesson plan, how to use technology effectively in the classroom and much more.

Google Classroom

Teachers have a lot on their plate, so it’s important to find free resources for teaching when possible. Google Classroom is a free tool that allows you to create classes, manage assignments and grades, and communicate with students. It’s not only useful for teachers but also for parents who want to keep up with their child’s schoolwork.

Google Classroom also has a student component that allows teachers to send out announcements and messages directly to their students’ email accounts. There are many ways to use Google Classroom, so teachers can find what works best for them.

Teaching Apps

You can download teaching apps such as Edmodo or Remind to communicate with students and parents. These apps allow teachers to send messages, post announcements and connect with other teachers for collaboration. They also provide a safe place for students to share their work with their peers and get feedback from them.

Another example is Teach Starter, which provides lesson plans and activities for teachers. This app is especially useful when you’re just starting out as a teacher and need some guidance on how to plan your curriculum. There are also many apps that allow students to create presentations for class projects or research papers.

Another app is Class Dojo, which allows teachers to create student behaviour charts, log classroom events and review data. ClassDojo is a free app that can be used on any device with an Internet connection. You can also find lessons plan templates for Google Slides, which allow you to create interactive presentations that include quizzes, polls and other features.


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding website that allows you to raise money for an idea or project. Crowdfunding can be used in the classroom by creating an online crowdfunding campaign and asking students, parents, and community members to contribute cash for a project. For example, you might use crowdfunding to raise money for new books or equipment for your classroom library.

Crowdfunding can also be used for students to learn about research methods and participate in field trips that help teachers gather data about their teaching practices (for example, field trips could include visiting museums). is a non-profit organization that helps teachers find teaching learning materials for the students in their classrooms. Teachers can post what they need, and other teachers can adopt it, or if you’re a teacher and don’t have money for supplies, you can ask if someone will adopt them for you. It’s a great way to get classroom supplies without paying for them yourself!


Livebinder is a site that allows you to create virtual binders filled with resources for teaching of your choosing. You can add your own documents and links, and then share the link with other teachers who can also add their own content.

Livebinders are great for creating a class website, as they allow you to list all of the resources you have available in one place without having to worry about setting up an entire website on your own. The best part is that LiveBinders are free!


The purpose of this article is to help teachers find additional resources for the classroom and make their jobs easier will be able to utilize the following websites and applications to do so. Hopefully, these resources will help you with your search for classroom resources. If you know of other websites that provide free teaching learning material, please let us know by booking a call with us here.

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