Angel Halloween Costume: Ideas, Looks, Creative

angel halloween costume

In our opinion, the start of the spooky season is when the calendar reads October 1. That can only mean one thing: it’s time to start planning for Halloween! It’s that time of year when you can be whoever you want, such as a vampire, mermaid, or your favourite TV show character. Even though scary is associated with Halloween, your dress does not have to be all guts and gore. Why not compliment evilness with a heavenly dress? There are numerous options, but we particularly like DIY unicorn Halloween costume ideas, book character Halloween costumes, and best DIY angel costumes.

Why Angel Costume For Halloween?: Angel Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for last-minute Halloween cosplay ideas, consider an angel outfit. Slackers really shouldn’t stress, because all you need to really pull off an adorable Halloween aesthetic is an all-white outfit, wings, and a halo, all of which can be easily DIY’d with store-bought components. As if this adorable outfit wasn’t easy enough, we’ve compiled a list of the best DIY angel outfits that you can make at home or have delivered directly in a matter of days.  There’s an angelic outfit for everyone here, from newborn babies to grownups, and it can be as cheap or as extravagant as your budget permits.

angel halloween costume

Girl Angel Cosplay Diy: Angel Halloween Costume

A simple DIY angel costume for the little girls! All you will require is a white leotard with trousers and a skirt or tutu as well as a pair of feathers. You can make some feathers using some of the suggestions above. If you really want to add a gown, use old papers or nets.

Angel Wings Made Of Cardboard: Angel Halloween Costume

If you are desperately searching for something simple that you can create in 10 minutes, attempt this. Sketch a pair of wings on a large piece of paperboard and cut them out. Cut feather frames from sheet or card stock of your desired colour and paste the wings on the paperboard. If desired, add ornamentation such as ribbons.

Angel Wings Made From Coffee Filters: Angel Halloween Costume

Coffee filters, cardboard, sheets to cover the paperboard, and tape are all you really need. Break the paperboard into wing shapes and line them with white paper.  Bend the coffee filters into tent shapes. Begin pasting them from the bottom of the wing and start working your way up, using as many filters as required based on the size of your paperboard.

Wings Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper roll as well as paperboard can be used to create quality feathers. Split the toilet paper roll squares and break the paperboard into wing forms. Collect every square in the centre, making the point, and paste it to the paperboard. Make sure the corners of your toilet roll squares are even for a neat appearance. Wear with ribbons.

Angel Canine

If you ever want to dress up your pet as an angel, put them in a white doggy outfit or t-shirt as well as make them a tiny pair of angel wings. They can match your child’s outfit or be a comparison if your child wants to dress up as the deity.

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