Saving Your Budget With Used Baby

Changing Tables

While accepting hand-me-downs from friends and relatives or purchasing secondhand baby changing table or equipment can help you save money, not everything is safe to use more than once. What you should buy new and what you can reuse are listed below. The number of items your child needs, from strollers and cribs to clothing and diapers, can quickly add up. Buying used items and accepting hand-me-downs can help you save money as you stock up on baby


Having said that, while certain baby gear is good to reuse, it’s safer to spend a little extra money and buy used for other requirements. Here are some guidelines for knowing when to buy new versus used. You should think about buying used or repurposing baby equipment.


Baby bathtubs can be purchased used as long as you make sure there is no mold or mildew present. You should be able to save money by purchasing one that has scarcely been used because babies outgrow these faster than you can say "rubber ducky." Just be careful not to use bath rings or inflatable bathtubs as these can be hazardous.

Changing Table

Buying a gently used changing table will undoubtedly save you money. Just make sure it has a safety

strap, and keep an eye out for missing or chipped pieces as well as chipped paint. You may also get a

changing pad that will convert any corner into a temporary changing station if you don’t have much


Linen Diapers

Uncommonly, the fact that cloth diapers have a high resale value when you’re done with them can make

them more affordable. Therefore, purchasing used inserts and diaper covers is not only cost-effective if

you choose the reusable option, but it can also be completely hygienic. Any buildup is removed after a

few washes or one if your washing machine has a "sanitize" cycle.


New baby clothing shopping can be just as enjoyable as browsing the stores for yourself! You should

know that your child will typically gain 1 pound and lengthen by 1 inch each month before you start

grabbing every lovely thing you see. Utilizing hand-me-downs from siblings or friends or buying at

consignment stores is therefore a wise decision if you want to save money (especially smart with dressy

or holiday clothes and shoes that are usually only worn a couple of times).

Raised Stool

According to voluntary safety regulations, a high chair must feature a three-point harness with crotch

restraint and a fixed crotch post so a child can’t slide out. If these two characteristics are taken into

consideration, a used high chair is acceptable. A high chair without arms that can raise the tray over the

baby’s head should be avoided.


You may already be aware of the fact that you can never tell what your baby will like. So before you buy

all new baby toys, be gentle on your pocketbook and give used toys and board books a try.

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