Official London Theatre – How and Where to Use your Theatre Tokens

Imagine you’ve just received the gift of theatre tokens from a loved one and you can’t wait to begin planning where and when you’ll be using them. The prospect of a live theatre performance is an exciting one.

Look into which theatres and performances you can use your theatre tokens on beforehand so you can get the most out of your vouchers.

This article will explain how you can use your theatre tokens and where they are accepted.

What are Theatre Tokens?

Theatre Tokens are vouchers that can be exchanged for theatre tickets which permit entry into a theatre performance.

The Theatre Tokens come in either the physical form of a gift card or an emailed e-voucher that the recipient uses to trade in for a ticket to a show.

The value that is on the card or e-card is entirely down to the gifter, who has the choice of gifting a set amount as suggested online or an amount of their choice.

Find out which shows are on at your favourite theatre venue from the full list provided.

Where can I use these Theatre Tokens?

Over 20 million people attended West End shows in 2022, which is over 1 million more people arriving through the turnstiles than in 2019. You can find out for yourself why the theatre is an increasingly popular spectacle.

Thankfully, the Theatre Tokens that you have received can be used in over 100 venues all over London and in its immediate surrounding area, hosting an array of performances for you to choose from.

A handful of the aforementioned venues include the Old Vic, Shaftesbury Theatre, Barbican Theatre, Piccadilly Theatre, and many other iconic locations that are bound to offer you endless memories.

If you wish to exchange Theatre Tokens online, you can do so at certain theatres but you should stipulate in your search criteria that you wish to redeem your voucher online by ticking the relevant box in the search bar on the Theatre Tokens webpage.

Another way of booking your tickets is over the telephone. A member of the ticket office crew can assist in redeeming the value of your gift card for a ticket to a show of your choice. 

How do I use the Theatre Tokens?

Redeeming your Theatre Tokens for tickets is a simple and quick process. To do this, you’ll need to have some basic information to hand.

To book online, you will be asked for the Theatre Token code stated on the card or email in your possession. Filling in this number means that it can’t be used again and prevents fraudsters from attempting to use your gift card without your knowledge.

You’ll be asked similar questions over the telephone too, as well as some basic and unintrusive personal information to verify your identity. 

Don’t fret if the value of your ticket is lower than the amount on your Theatre Token card, you’ll receive a new gift card or e-card with the remaining amount for you to use on a future visit.

And don’t leave your journey to chance; plan your trip in advance to make sure everything goes smoothly with no hiccups.

So what are you waiting for? The Olivier Award winners have been announced and you can witness them first-hand with your Theatre Tokens.

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