No matter how strange the positive news may sound in 2020, it seems that Russian game dev. is now on the rise. Our compatriots, one after another, release both excellent RPGs and card “bagels”, they even try to play on the same field with Commandos and Desperados (I’m talking about Partisans 1941, of course). And now, in the face of 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, we got a peppy beat ‘me up in the tradition of old-school classics.

Enemies burned their home

As the name already implies, we will talk about China and martial arts. Once upon a time, there was a simple Chinese fisherman Wei Chen, someone attacked his village and killed his relatives and friends, for which he was going to take revenge. Shaolin monks, who have their scores with the bandits, volunteered to help in this.

Wei Chen soon became a monk himself, changing his name. First, in the monastery, then on the ship, a sort of headquarters was formed: here we choose the main and side missions, change equipment (weapons, shoes, and amulets) and pump our avenger. 

After some time, it turns out that the bandits attack the villages and arrange other atrocities for a reason – they are looking for another Very Important Artifact. In general, the story does not offer anything special.

Monks to the rescue

Trying to get on the trail of the main villain, our hero follows the bandits in different regions, at some point even attacks the prison, tries to get in touch with informants, and performs many different missions.  However, something often happens in the process – which civilians from a burning building need to be saved, then something needs to be repaired, then you have to dodge falling stones, barrels, or cannon shots. Then suddenly we find ourselves on a bridge from which it is easy to inadvertently fall off.

Management in such situations does not help us at all.

Yes, and the surroundings are different – scuffle takes place on pirate ships, in Buddhist monasteries, in the middle of tall grass and the ruins of ancient temples, in Japanese mansions, and much more.

Bay first, Wei

Wei Chen uses only traditional polearms, and he handles them very dexterously. Pushing off the ground with a pole, like Sergey, he briskly jumps from one enemy to another, beats them with his feet and hands without falling to the ground, uses both simple and poke blows, saves up qi energy to use magic, and enhance attacks.

He also uses chi-consuming skills (like “Rockfall” and “Typhoon”) that deal damage to others, throw them into the air, or allow the hero to jump to hit several opponents with a stick at once. Different types of attacks and skills give their effects. 

Like weapons: for example, one staff allows you to restore part of your health when using qi, the other poisons enemies with an enhanced poke, the third one stuns with critical attacks, the fourth one enhances the effect of the same “Typhoon” or “Rockfall”. Different types of tea fall out of broken barrels, which you need to drink right in the battle to heal, increase damage or protect.

Part of the equipment even changes the technique itself. For example, the pole was very useful to me, which changed the usual dodge to sharp, lightning-fast jerks, allowing the hero to disappear in front of the enemy’s nose. True, opponents who can do the same almost immediately appeared.

Hitting opponents in such situations is oh so difficult

And the enemies in 9 Monkeys of Shaolin are also very diverse, agile, and sometimes even invulnerable (well, almost). For example, some ghosts raise the dead – you can damage them only with the help of skills and strikes that use chi.

All bosses have their tricks

And all this is complemented by pumping the appropriate techniques, which increases the damage, the chance of “, the range of the jump, and so on.

Completed missions allow you to replay to accumulate skill points.

The problem here, perhaps, is that there are too many of all these strikes, tricks, and even racks. And to pass on normal difficulty, it is enough to upgrade the basic technique, without really thinking about where to invest. Of course, on more hardcore difficulty, the situation changes somewhat, but even there it is felt that not all skills in 9 Monkeys of Shaolin are equally useful same as it is in mm88bet ทางเข้า.

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