Feabie: A Dating Site For Free for BHM, BBW, Gays and Lesbians


Feabie.com is a safe space for one of the most bullied communities of the society. It isn’t just a platform for dating. The website is more of a social media dating platform even though it does draw in daters. The creators of Grommr Grokio LLC, a well-known social networking site geared towards gays, are the ones behind it. Building on this idea, the creators developed Feabie as a social networking platform for the marginalised population that experiences the greatest level of discrimination in public settings.

What is Feabie?

Feabie is a place for people who identify as members of niche groups, such as fat men or women, gays and lesbians, or anyone who feels alone or bullied in other online communities. It is a place where those who are discriminated against can feel accepted and at ease without worrying about criticism. This is the dating website’s introduction; it would be intriguing to delve a little further to learn more about the site’s actual nature.

The reason for feabie is not new. You can tell after just a quick glance at the website that it is a mashup of well-known social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The makeshift social media platform caters to a specific group of people. It establishes a space for feedees and feeders who experience body discrimination. Those who fantasise about large sizes, who become aroused at the sight of a Big Handsome Man (BHM) or a Big Beautiful Woman (BBW), and who enjoy feeding their partners are known as feeders. Those who accept food and take pleasure in gaining weight are known as feedees.

Feabie: The Analytics

The plaftorm provides a space for these individuals to be happy without fear of judgement. People in general who fear being looked down upon. Over 30,000 users have signed up to use the platform as feeders, meeting and chatting with feedees. Most of users on Feabie are straight, despite the fact that the sexuality section is unrestricted. But in contrast to the majority of other BHM dating sites, this one also acknowledges and welcomes the third gender. Therefore, it is officially open to people of all genders and sexual orientations; the difficulty may lie in finding a compatible partner who shares your interests. The majority of members are between the ages of 28 and 40.

Facebook and feabie have a very similar layout. The design won’t look odd to you or anyone else because it was inspired by Facebook and Twitter. With the exception of colour scheme, it would be simple to determine what is where. Members of feabie’s don’t choose to whine about their favourite site’s outdated design, despite the fact that anyone can easily do so. And why would they be? It takes a while to get used to the new features and distinctive interface. A well-known and comfortable layout reduces this time and enables users to begin using the platform for the reason they came in the first place.

Few Features of Feabie

People are drawn to a new website by its distinctive features, which attract them from other ones. It has a few unique features that set it apart from other popular social networking sites, even though it is a hybrid of several of them. To learn about all the features you should be aware of, refer to the list.

  • Personalization of Search and news feed
  • Video calling capabilities in chat rooms
  • Customization of geolocation
  • Mobile applications for iPhone and Android
  • Shielded from third-party apps’ and websites’ interference
  • Like-minded people are brought together by niche audiences.
  • Access for free and premium members differs
  • Men are limited in how many members they can block.

The Workings of Feabie

Anyone over the legal age limit is able to register on feabie, just like on any other social networking site or dating app. The registration process is quick and simple. To gain access to on this platfprm, a relatively small number of mandatory fields must be filled out. Once the page is finished, you are taken to a bigger page with additional fields. You are free to skip this page and it is not required to be filled out. This is the setup page for your profile. Once the profile setup is finished, or if you choose not to, you can view feabie’s interface initially. You won’t be afraid of the interface, despite it being refreshing. You will be aware of what to do and where to find the necessary tool because it resembles Facebook to some extent. The corresponding profiles will appear in your newsfeed based on the gender you are interested in.

You can interact with them by leaving a like or a comment on their posts and status updates. You can, of course, message someone privately as well. In addition to the news feed, you can use the customizable search bar to find what you’re looking for. Thus, you can input your age, gender, and even size in order to find the person you’re looking for. There is a location! You won’t have to worry about feeling like you’re missing out on anything because everyone’s response will appear in the notification box.

Feabie Mobile Application

Mobile users can access Feabie.com as well. For Android users, they offer well-designed and optimised mobile applications on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Whatever you want to call it, the mobile app greatly improves the convenience of using the social networking site or dating platform. You can avoid all the fuss by taking your friends and virtual dates with you wherever you go and always being available for a quick chat. But, if you use the website on your mobile browser, you can just as easily avoid having the app on your phone. The good news is that you can download the feabie’s app for free and that the registration process is the same for mobile apps as it is for websites.

Alternatives of Feabie

Here’s some dating sites and apps that could substitute this platform.

  • Curvy Dating App
  • LargeFriends.com
  • BBWCupid.com
  • WooPlus.com
  • Chubbybunnie.com
  • Thebigandthebeautiful.com
  • BBPeoplemeet.com
  • BBWadmire.com
  • Largepassions.com
  • BBWdating.com


1. Is there a dating site for fat people?

Yes, Feabie is a place for people who identify as members of niche groups, such as fat men or women, gays and lesbians, or anyone who feels alone or bullied in other online communities.

2. What is a male feeder?

The fantasy of assisting someone else in gaining weight is appealing to feeders and encouragers.

3. Who invented Feabie?

Grokio LLC.

4. When was Feabie’s website launched?

It was launched in the year 2015.

5. What are BBW and BHM?

BBW means Big Beautiful Woman and BHM means Big Handsome Man. These are the groups that like bigger women or men.

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