3 Tips for Female Attendees at Weddings

As is the rule with all formal and even semi-formal events, there are some set rules and guidelines that guests at wedding ceremonies and receptions are often expected to follow. This general principle itself is applicable for both male and female attendees, but we will focus on women only in this post. Even if you are aware of the general dress codes for weddings, you may find the following tips to be quite helpful.

Don’t Wear Anything that Makes You Uncomfortable

Fashion in a wedding is all about your ability to elegantly carry whatever it is that you are wearing, and confidence will be the most important factor in that. Since it is difficult to look and feel confident in something that you are not happy wearing, be pickier with your selections. While shopping, note how the dress makes you feel, rather than just how it makes you look.

If it is a short event, then perhaps you can still pull off a moderately comfortable dress for a few hours, provided that it really makes you look the way you want to. If we are talking long hours though, comfort takes precedence. Nowadays, there’s a size and fit for almost everyone and custom-made wedding dresses cater to the rest.

Wear a Dress that Suits Your Special Role

There are always a few special guests in even the most minimalist of weddings. For example, the bridesmaids and the Maid of Honour each have their own separate dress codes. Then of course, there’s the Mother of the Bride herself, who will generally enjoy the highest prestige even among the special guests.

Now, if it is your daughter who is getting married, then the importance of dressing well probably goes without saying! However, if you are worried about finding something that fits, don’t be; there are plenty of beautiful collections for women of every size. For example, go through this collection of plus size Mother of the Bride outfits and you will see that there are many different designs to choose from.

Choose Your Attire Based on the Wedding’s Theme and Setting

Every wedding has a theme and setting which no fashion-conscious woman can ignore while putting together an attire for that specific event. They primarily differ based on religion, culture, traditions, personal beliefs, etc. For example, the definition of a formal wedding dress is quite different for women attending an Indian wedding, as compared to what would be expected in a Christian wedding.

On top of that, the couple may have also added a theme of their own within the invitation itself. Often, it is something as simple as different colour schemes for men and women at the reception. It is always respectful to show up in an attire that is in adherence with their request and the wedding’s primary setting. Talk to the bride and/or groom if possible, or you can always consult with other invited guests to figure out what is going on.

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