When Do You Need a Private Investigator Firm?

There are many ways to gather facts and prove assumptions, but nothing beats partnering with a dependable private investigator firm. Fortunately, if you are in Rock Hill, SC, Whitesell Investigative Services is just one call away for all your private investigation needs.

A private investigator firm’s main goal is to help clients go through a difficult portion of their lives by delivering the most appropriate resources to back their decisions. You can count on their expertise for a variety of services, including:

·         Infidelity Investigation

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? It’s not easy for an average Joe to gather facts to prove marital infidelity. But, with the help of a private investigator firm, you can have pieces of evidence on hand that you can use to file for separation or divorce. At Whitesell, we have unique surveillance techniques that can help you uncover facts in no time.

·          Corporate Investigation

Corporate security is crucial to any business. A private investigator can deliver results-oriented investigations for businesses through on-site physical security consultancy and information management. These data will secure the reputation, assets, and even manpower in the firm, creating a more protected workplace environment. A corporate investigation usually deals with contractual breaches, insurance and healthcare violations, tax fraud, and many more.

·         Missing Person

It seems almost unreal not to track people’s disappearance now that we have internet connectivity almost everywhere. But there are cases of some who have virtually vanished, and this calls for even deeper investigatory expertise. A private investigator firm is trained and experienced in tracking a missing person using well-established networks and accesses. Law enforcements also have the capacity to do the job, but they lack focus and time to find and connect leads.

·         Child Custody

Are you fighting for custody of your children? A private investigator firm can help you by uncovering the truth about what the other party is actually doing. We are experts in finding information about a parent’s character, finances, work history, and behavior. This information can help you prove to the court that you’re telling the truth and lead to a decision that’s focused on the child’s best interest.

·         Private Securities

A private investigator firm also offers a range of services for private securities, including execution protection, door and ID services, private event security, armed security, sporting event security, high-level escorts, traffic and crowd control, retail loss prevention, and many more. The main purpose is to deliver necessary information and protection to keep people safe and secure regardless of the occasion.

Our Rock Hill SC and Greenville SC private investigators use state-of-the-art technology, along with thorough investigative work, to discover the facts that are vital to your case. If you need a professional private investigator firm to help you with your case, you can count on our experts at Whitesell investigation Services.

We serve Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Lake Wylie, Lancaster, Chester, Clover, Indian Land, and surrounding areas. Call (803) 327-MYPI (6974) to get started.

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