The Ultimate Guide: Steps to Buy a Web3 Domain Name for Your NFT Collection

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) have grabbed centre stage in the ever-changing world of technology and digital assets. NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets that reflect ownership of a variety of items, including art, music, collectables, and more. One should buy Web3 domain name to increase the visibility and identification of their NFT collection. This comprehensive tutorial will walk you through how to buy Web3 domain name for your NFT collection.

What is a Web3 Domain Name?

Before getting started, let’s define what a Web3 domain name is. A Web3 domain is a blockchain-based domain allowing users to access decentralised web content, services, and assets. It is a component of the Web3 ecosystem, which intends to decentralise the Internet and eliminate centralised authorities. Your NFT collection can have a distinct, easily identifiable, and immutable online presence if you buy Web3 domain name.

Why You Need a Web3 Domain Name for Your NFT Collection

Getting a Web3 domain name is a wise choice for your NFT collection for various reasons:

1. Professionalism: A Web3 domain name provides a professional touch to your NFT collection. It aids potential people who want to buy NFT in recognising and remembering your brand.

2. Decentralisation: By using a Web3 domain, you are embracing decentralisation concepts. This is consistent with the underlying principle of NFTs and blockchain technology.

3. Censorship Resistance: Web3 domains are censorship-resistant, which means they cannot be quickly taken down or controlled by any central authority. This is important when dealing with sensitive or contentious information.

4. Digital Ownership: Web3 domains, like NFTs, are an assertion of digital ownership. You have complete authority over your domain, and nobody can take it away from you.

Steps to Buy a Web3 Domain Name for Your NFT Collection

Now that we’ve established the importance of Web3 domain names for your NFT collection, let’s go through the steps to acquire one.

1. Research and Select a Domain Name

The first step on how to buy Web3 domain name is to conduct research and choose an appropriate name. This name should be related to your NFT collection and easy to remember. Check the availability of your preferred domain name.

2. Choose a Web3 Domain Registrar

To buy Web3 domain name, you must utilise a web3 domain registrar that supports blockchain-based names. Unstoppable Domains, Handshake, and ENS (Ethereum Name Service) are a few prominent possibilities. Each registrar has its unique interface and features, so explore them to choose the one that best meets your needs.

3. Create a Crypto Wallet

You’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet to hold the domain before you can make a purchase. The majority of domain registrars accept cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Make sure your wallet has enough cryptocurrency to make the transaction.

4. Buy Web3 Domain Name

You can begin the buying procedure by using the portal of your selected registrar. This usually involves buying the desired domain name and paying with cryptocurrencies. To finish the purchase, follow the registrar’s instructions.

5. Domain Administration and Configuration

Once you buy Web3 domain name, you can manage and configure it to suit your needs. It can be linked to your NFT collection, website, or other online presence. Configure the domain settings as needed to accurately reflect your brand and content.

6. Renew Your Domain Registration

Web3 domains, like regular domains, have an expiration date. To avoid losing your domain, you must renew it on schedule. For your convenience, most registrants offer automatic renewal options.

Tips and Considerations

  • To preserve domain control, keep your private keys and login credentials secure.
  • Understand the renewal process and fees associated with the registrar you’ve chosen.
  • To reap the full benefits of a Web3 domain, ensure that your NFT collection adheres to the principles of decentralisation.

Top Domain Registrars to Buy a Web3 Domain

  1. Endless Domains: The most trustworthy Web3 domain aggregator and marketplace. It includes blockchain algorithms that are directly integrated. 


  • Discover a wide choice of TLDs to meet your requirements.
  • Cutting-edge tools to simplify domain management.
  • Profitable returns can be obtained by utilising the possibilities of your domain.
  • Enable decentralised identities to avoid centralised control of user identification.
  • Use your blockchain wallet or Google account to facilitate transactions
  1. Unstoppable Domains: Unstoppable Domains is a popular Web3 domain registration service that offers domain names on the Ethereum and other blockchain networks.


  • Domain registration has an easy-to-use UI.
  • Purchase fees are one-time only (there are no annual renewal fees).
  • Integration with major cryptocurrency wallets such as MetaMask.
  • IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) hosting is built for decentralised website and content hosting.
  • The process of linking your domain to NFTs and decentralised websites has been simplified.
  1. Ethereum Name Service (ENS): ENS is a well-known domain registrar for Ethereum-based domain names. It is well-known in the blockchain community.


  • Ethereum domain names (ending in.eth) are available.
  • Integrates with popular wallets such as MetaMask.
  • IPFS is used to support decentralised websites.
  • Domain renewal fees are charged on an annual basis.
  • Improved security features.
  1. Handshake: Handshake is a decentralised, peer-to-peer naming system that can be used instead of regular DNS.


  • Domain registration is decentralised and censorship-resistant.
  • TLDs (Top-Level Domains) that are unique for developing custom domain extensions.
  • A project powered by the community and open source.
  • Domain registration is less expensive than some other services.
  • Registration requires an understanding of blockchain and command-line usage.


A Web3 domain name can considerably improve your NFT collection’s exposure and identification on the decentralised web. You can buy Web3 domain name that compliments your NFT brand, acknowledges decentralisation, and ensures your online presence remains immutable and censorship-resistant by following these steps and considering the advice stated. Owning a Web3 domain will likely become an even more desirable asset in the digital realm as the world of NFTs and Web3 continues to flourish.