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Loid Forger

Manga are very popular not only in Japan but in the whole world. They are known for their excellent storytelling techniques with addition to brilliant characterization of the protagonist and antagonist which undergo serious character changes, relationship building stages that make readers stick to these manga. One such popular and well known manga character is of Loid Forger and now let us know about him in more details.

Character Origins Loid Forger

Loid Forger is the main character or protagonist of the thrilling adventures manga ‘Spy X Family’. He appeared for the first time in the manga in the very first chapter where he is introduced as a secret spy who is assigned a new mission to marry Yor Briar and take care of his step daughter Anya Forger. 

All his past details are revealed slowly in the next chapters of the manga. Seeing the craze of this manga, it was produced in an animated show in which the same story has been taken as inspiration with the retentions of similar characterization of characters. Loid Forger works as secret agent for Intelligence Agent who works under many alias names but the most popular name being ‘Twilight’.

Loid Forger Character Back History

Loid Forger is a very capable and efficient spy for his company where he has experience of more than 7 years. He was a very poor orphan kid in the past without any special skills and always being bullied by his fellow mates on the streets. He takes an oath to change all the suffering when he turns 16 years old, as he decided to become a spy and help all the poor, powerless children to not be bullied again or hurt by others. Loid Forger joins the Western Military as he climbs the ladder of success by crossing all the possible posts in the affiliation he worked under, from Soldier to special officer to sergeant.

He then trains for 10 years to become a secret Intelligent spy who has tremendous amounts of skills and intelligence to be one. Loid gets the mission of marrying Yor Briar and takes care of her daughter Anya Forger as he is her stepfather.

Loid Forger Character Appearance

Loid Forger is a secret spy hence he is never truly stuck to one attire nor does he follow any dress code hence the dresses he wears are very minimalistic and not attention seeking. He wears simple three piece suits or sometimes sports jackets over shirts and t-shirts. He has a very athletic build body with muscular yet not heavy weight but rather perfect for such a spy. Loid Forger is a very handsome man but certain details are only revealed after a few episodes which are disclosed through the progression of the story, but he is a middle aged man with beautiful blue eyes and short blonde hair with a fair skin complexion.+

Loid Forger

Character Personality

Loid Forger is the one of the best officers and man on mission for his company, hence he is very dedicated to his work and truthful to his mission. Loid Forger has his own personal goal of becoming a person who can eradicate the bullying and harassment over poor, powerless kids in the back alley streets of Japan.

He wants to become a role model for such children, hence he is a very cold hearted and perfect protagonist in any manga or anime. Loid Forger is a very honest, mature person with a very calm attitude and a personality of exhibiting his skills or talent only when it is truly necessary. He doesn’t like to boast or show pride over his skills he gained through his hard work as he is a mature man that believes that there is always a chance of getting much better.

Loid Forger Character Popularity

Loid Forger is very popular and one of the most liked characters in this manga. Due to The hype of his manga success, he gets his own animated show as he returns and gets into action with more advanced skills. He is loved by the readers and viewers all around the world due to the simple, hero-like mentality of him as he wishes others to win rather than his own personal agenda winning. He makes  sure everyone around him are safe and he takes the responsibility of taking a chance to change the society not whole but at least some percent that can have its impact.

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