Kaliyah Leonard: Bio, Education, Life, Career, Net Worth

Kaliyah Leonard

Kaliyah Leonard is a very famous celebrity kid. Her father Kawhi Leonard is a very popular NBA player who plays basketball for the famous team “Los Angeles Clippers” and is a valuable asset to the team. Kaliyah Leonard was born on the first of July 2016 in the United States of America. This makes her zodiac sign to be Cancer. As of now she is only 5 years old and has already gained some popularity. Kaliyah is a Christian by religion. She was born in America but her ethnicity is African – American.

Kaliyah Leonard Physical Stats

Kaliyah Leonard is an extremely cute and lovely kid. Unfortunately no information is known about her height, weight and other body measurements as she is still at a very young age. Though, her eyes are brown and her hair is black in colour.

Kaliyah Leonard Family

Kaliyah leonard lives a rich and lavish lifestyle with her father & NBA star Kawhi Leonard and her mother Kishele Shipley who used to work in the Huaman Resources Department, San Diego, California. Kaliyah also had a brother sibling in the March of 2019. Kim Leonard and Mark Leonard are Kaliyah’s grandparents and Miesha Slayton is her aunt.

Kaliyah Leonard Career and Education

Kaliyah Leonard is too young to be working in any profession. She is just five years old and is now comfortably living with her family. There is a very high probability that she will grow up to be a star following her passion. She will definitely join in future, after all she is the daughter of Kawhi Leonard and Kishele Shipley.

But if we talk about her father, He is a very successful player for the National Basketball’s association, USA. He got selected in the 2011 NBA draft because of his basketball success in college. Kawhi Leonard also won many awards the year he started playing in the NBA. After that he faced some injuries but today is he shining bright and continuing in full speed for his team.

So Kaliyah is living a wonderful merry life with her family thanks to her stardom and her parents wealth. Her father Kawhi Leonard’s net worth is estimated to be around a whopping $35 million US dollars.

Kaliyah Leonard
Kaliyah Leonard

Personal Life

Kaliyah Leonard is very young to be dating or be involved in any kind of relationship. She is normally enjoying her early childhood as all five year old kids tend to do. Also, she is extremely young to be a part of any kind of controversies.

Meanwhile, her parents Kawhi and Kishele got married in 2016 and are continuing to live their happily married life. But, it is reported that the couple has been actively dating since 2014.

Facts and Trivia

  •   Kaliyah’s lucky stone is Moonstone
  • “Kaliyah” is the first name ever in the celebrity world.
  •   Kaliyah Leonard is the only daughter of Kawhi Leonard
  •   Leonard likes to draw with crayons and play in the park
  •   Her Lucky number is Eight
  •   Her lucky colour is Silver
  •   Leonard father Kawhi is called the “Claw” for his ball snatching ability.
  •   She fell asleep during her father’s NBA team parade.’

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