Extracurricular Activities You Can Engage in to Destress as a Student

Students usually have difficulty navigating through school with all the classes, studying, and expectations from their relatives. All of these could cause an increase in stress levels. Engaging in extracurricular activities can help relieve some of that tension, and for high school students, it can look good on their college applications and increase their chances of getting a scholarship.

Extracurricular activities are things you are interested in but aren’t required to do. It only helps to develop your talent and passion. In addition to all these benefits, it’s healthy for your mental health. For instance, some people enjoy gaming and can play casino tables online all day if they have the chance. Others might enjoy a good karaoke session with friends.

The essence of these activities is to relax and have fun. However, while engaging in other passionate interests aside from school is great, it’s also good to strike a reasonable balance. Here are some extracurricular activities you can do to relieve stress as a student.


Meditation is the best option if you’re always tensed up or worried. Spending as little as ten minutes a day meditating can work wonders for your mental health. It can help you find inner peace and calm and be more present at the moment. The cool thing about it is that anyone can practice meditation, and it doesn’t require special equipment or clothing.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to lie down or sit to meditate. You can do it whether you’re on a bus, about to start a presentation, or waiting at the doctor’s office. Meditation was originally used to understand sacred and religious forces better. Today, it’s a common practice among teens and adults. The benefits of meditation include:

  • Taking your mind off school stress.
  • Helping you live in the moment.
  • Making you feel less tense and more relaxed.
  • Its effects don’t end when the meditation stops; you feel less anxious throughout the day.
  • Meditation can positively impact your mental health.


Engaging in sports boosts your mental and physical health. You can engage in sports with your friends to stay fit, but it also does wonders to help you de-stress. It strengthens your muscles, calms your mind, and you look good in all your clothes and get more compliments, which can make your day. According to research, most visits to the doctor’s office result from stress-related illnesses

Sports can reduce the likelihood of falling ill and being unable to study for exams. Exercise helps you release endorphins, chemical substances in your brain that help you relieve pain, and other stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Engaging in sports activities for half an hour helps you stay calm, even several hours after you exercise. Sports improve your mood, clear your mind, and even help you sleep better. It also helps to take your mind off the terrible experiences you’ve been through that keep playing out in your mind.


Art therapy has been used as a stress reliever for years. It’s becoming more popular and is an alternative way to deal with stress and mental health conditions. The goal of art therapy for de-stressing is to ensure that the person struggling with stress gets in touch with their emotions.

Art is subjective and allows people to express themselves creatively and combat stress. Simple activities like coloring can improve your mood drastically. The best thing about this form of therapy is that you don’t have to be good at it. You’ll need to put your creativity on paper however you deem fit.


Yoga practice has immense benefits for your mental and physical health. Yoga routines include meditation, relaxation, and breathing exercises. It helps to improve your physical posture and enhance your overall well-being.

It relieves stress by promoting mental relaxation and physical movement that helps with flexibility and tension relief. There is a surge of endorphins that help improve your current mood and calm your mind. It can help relieve anxiety and increase your focus, allowing you to live in the present moment.


Not everyone loves dancing, but it can be one of your go-to activities for stress relief. It’s so much more than just moving your body to the sound of music; it’s a means of self-expression; you dance your stress and worries out. 

It helps keep your mind and soul healthy and can help build your self-confidence and esteem. If you’re not a fan of exercise, you’ll find dancing much more interesting. You can join a dance club at school or dance in your room without prying eyes.


In a world where we are required to survive and do what we can to the best of our abilities, it’s easy to feel too much pressure and stress. College and high school students also feel this pressure regarding school, work, and family stress. Engaging in extracurricular activities can do wonders for your mental health and help you live a much happier school life.

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