5 Ways to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

Spring is in the air, and before you know it, the season will be here. And with spring comes home selling season; here in the UK, spring is always the most popular time to list a house for sale. With the weather improving, prospective buyers are anxious to get out there and explore the options. But before you put your house up for sale, there are a few tips you can use that will make the home more attractive to buyers. These can help you sell the house faster and get top dollar for it. 

A Massive Spring Cleaning Is Needed

A great place to start is with a massive spring cleaning. This isn’t just a surface cleaning; instead, you want to do a deep cleaning and declutter all at once. Because this can be such a huge task you may want to break it up and tackle one room a day or week. This will refresh the space, making it feel modern and clean, and the decluttering will help give the illusion of more space even if it’s a smaller home. If you’re having a hard time decluttering and getting rid of items permanently, you may want to consider putting stuff in storage until you are in your new home.

Remove Personal Items from the Home

While decluttering, you’ll also want to remove personal items from the home such as family photos and collections. You essentially want to create a neutral blank space so that would-be buyers can picture themselves in the space.

Play Up Your Fireplace with a Makeover

A fireplace is often a very attractive feature for potential homebuyers, so this is something you want to play up. But did you know a makeover could help to make it pop, giving the room a more elegant and traditional vibe? You may want to look into reproduction Victorian fireplaces that look like the real thing and will have buyers in love with the character it provides. When purchasing a new mantel, focus on the details and the material, as this is what makes it pop.

Choose a Neutral Colour Palette

Often a fresh coat of paint throughout the interior can go far, at least in the common rooms. It will make the house feel more stylish. Experts tend to suggest a neutral colour palette that isn’t too dark or bright. This will be the most versatile in terms of people’s personal preferences.

Make a Good First Impression with the Exterior

If the exterior of the home doesn’t make a good first impression, you will have a very hard time getting potential buyers to walk in the front door. So, spend some time and money beautifying the exterior. This could include such projects as:

  • Trimming back overgrown trees and greenery
  • Installing exterior lights
  • Add pops of colour with potted and container plants (once the weather allows)
  • Paint the front door a bright colour
  • Tidy any debris and garbage that gathered over the winter

If you’re preparing to put your house up for sale, using these tips will ensure that you find a buyer much faster and one who is willing to pay top dollar.

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